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About Company

Docfinderkorea is the biggest and oldest medical tourism agency in Korea. In terms of the number of patients, as of 2020, more than 5,000 patients from 101 countries all over the globe have received Docfinderkorea’s service. Regardless of gender, race, and nationality, Docfinderkorea provides the best service with professional expertise and abundant experience in the field of plastic surgeries, dermatology treatments, and hair transplants.

From 2012 Docfinderkorea has been offering free all-inclusive service and achieved highest level of customer satisfaction. We provide all types of amenities free of charge including detailed hospital and doctor information, hospital and accommodation reservations, 1:1 translation, transportation, bargaining with the hospital, prescribed surgery medications, etc. We do our best to ensure that patients complete their surgery without any inconvenience by always accompanying patients on all medical schedules to monitor the entire process, including consultation, examination, surgery and treatment. Additionally, after surgery, whenever patients need our assistance, Docfinderkorea also provides around the clock all-inclusive service for free, such as sightseeing, shopping tour, grocery shopping, and hair salon.