• Medical Visas

    When on a medical tour in Seoul, one of the following 2 types of visas, C3 (M) or G1 (M), must be obtained in advance from a Korean embassy or consulate. Any assistance you may need will be provided by medical tourism information centers, medical tour agencies or medical tour coordinators.

    • C3(MO)

      For cases in which the period of stay for medical treatment and travel is less than 90 days (simple, aesthetic operations such as plastic surgeries)

    • G1(M)

      A stay up to 1 year (including long-term treatment and rehabilitation)

    정보 테이블
    Place to Register Korean embassy or consulate
    Documents to Submit
    • Copy of passport
    • 1 portrait-sized photo (4cm x 3cm)
    • Application for visa issuance
    • Document issued by the medical agency able to verify the purpose of stay
    • Document able to verify one’s capability to cover all expenses required for treatment and stay in the country
    • Copy of the certificate of registration as a medical agency or a broker able to invite foreign patients (Form #24 in Enclosure #23 from 「Medical Care Act Enforcement of Regulations」)
    • Certificate of job training on immigration completed by the inviting medical agency, CEO of the inviting broker firm (or the leader of a team overseeing the invitation of foreign patients is also possible) or an employee of the inviting broker firm
    Agency Business All companies that have registered with Korea Health Industry Development Institute with regards to foreign patients attraction business, and have been authorized by the Ministry of Justice to conduct agency services for visa-related functions.

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    Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency
    Summary of Operations

    The Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency, a public organization operating under the Ministry of Health & Welfare, was founded to aid all patients and medical personnel suffering from medical disputes. It was established to thoroughly understand the perspectives of all parties involved and strive to provide fast, unbiased damage relief and a stable environment for medical treatments.

    Primary Functions
    • 01

      For consultation regarding medical malpractice and subsequent mediation and arbitration requested by the applicant, it performs assessment tasks including examination of evidence by medical malpractice investigators, causal relationships, evaluation of faults and post-accident trauma, in addition to the medical dispute mediation committee’s estimation and mediation of compensation for damages, striving to bring an agreement and achieve mediation (arbitration) among parties involved.

    • 02

      Performs task on entrusted assessment requested by other organizations

    • 03

      Pays compensation for damages

    • 04

      Research, statistics, education and public relations for regulations and policies related to medical disputes

    • 05

      All other tasks roles to medical disputes