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Botox Injection
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Botox is a toxic substance created by a microorganism called botulinum. When this substance is purified and injected into the muscle, the muscle that forms wrinkles is paralyzed and innervation is blocked. As a result, wrinkle formation is prevented. Using this principle, the appearance of wrinkles and muscles in various parts, such as the face and square jaw, can be improved.


Operative Method

Using a small syringe, a small amount of botox is injected into the facial muscle(Wrinkles in the middle of the forehead, on the forehead, around the eyes, on the neck, on the bridge of the nose and around the mouth).


Post-operative Progress

- The symptoms of swelling, bruising and slight itchiness disappear naturally.

- Do not lie down for 4 hours after injection.

- Keep the injected area away from extremely low or high temperatures for a while after injection.

- Avoid massaging the injected area, using a sauna or performing strenuous exercise for around 7 days after injection.