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Modelo Skin Clinic
Medical field Dermatology Certificate of healthcare provider for international patients 211-09-50404
Phone +82-2-719-7777 Consultation Email
Interpretation Languages Korean, English Homepage
Operating time AM 10:00~PM 19:00 / Saturday 10:00~PM 16:30
Address 459 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul . 
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Dermatology > Pore/scar

Dermatology > Anti-aging > Filler

Dermatology > Anti-aging > Botulinum toxin

About clinic

A dermatology clinic that trains doctors, Modelo Dermatology Clinic Modelo Dermatology Clinic has been developing new anti-aging treatment techniques, such as Botox and filler injection, hair transplantation and fat graft. As the first in the world, Modelo Dermatology Clinic developed a Botox calf contouring technique and investigated the Botox square jaw treatment through CT. In 2007, the clinic was awarded a prize for “making thin hair after hair transplantation” from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Specialized Medical Dept

Botox, Filler, Whitening care

Medical Dept
Name Inpatient Outpatient Cost Special
Botox unnecessary 1day 20~200(USD) Depends on the part, and frequency
Filler unnecessary 1day 30~300(USD) Depends on the part, and frequency
Whitening care unnecessary 1day 10~200(USD) Depends on the part
Medical staff,Operating rooms / Treatment rooms,Available Anesthesiologist,Availability of AED
Medical staff Operating rooms / Treatment rooms Available Anesthesiologist Availability of AED
4 5 N N
Background of Chief Director


Medical Equipment

Thermage NXT, Fraxel Zena, I2PL, ND-YAG etc.

Insurance Company & period