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Muslim prayer room

Muslim exclusive prayer operating system
Muslim exclusive prayer operating system
S/N Name Size Facility Visited Daily Nationality Hours of Use
1 Korea Tourism Organization
(K-Style Hub)
3.3㎡ each.
Koran, carpet, praying garment, praying timetable, compass, etc. 100 Arab World / Malaysia 09:00 ~ 20:00
2 Incheon International Airport 3F, 4F 3F: 30㎡
4F: 30㎡
Carpet, compass Unknown Available to any religions 24 hours
3 COEX 3F near E Hall Male/Female separated 26㎡ Koran, carpet, praying timetable, compass Unknown Arab World 03:00 ~ 22:00
4 Nami Island Male/Female separated Koran, carpet, compass, praying garment, 100+ Arab World / Malaysia / Indonesia 24 hours
5 Wooridul Spine Hospital 13~16.5㎡ Koran, carpet 5 or less (Outpatients only) Inpatients in each hospital rooms Arab World 09:00 ~ 18:00
6 ID Hospital 10㎡ Koran, carpet 5/mo. (Patients and family) Arab World Any time
7 Gangnam Family Hotel 33 square meters Koran in prayer room, directional signs, carpet, bathroom Unknown male prayer room for Muslims 5 prayer times (no restrictions)