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Interpretation service

When interpretation service is needed, contact us. We will help you find a medical tour interpreter.
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Medical Tour Coordinator in Gangnam-gu 2021

Medical Tour Coordinator in Gangnam-gu 2021 information
No Name Sex Work experience / Certificate
2021-01 Nam** W Hospital International Marketing Specialist Training Course Medical Tourism Coordinator 8
Medical Interpretation at General Hospital, British Embassy in Korea, Beauty Fair, Oriental Hospital, Medical Interpreter Certificate
2021-02 Jeong** M International Medical Tourism Coordinator
English Tourist Guide/Interpreter, Chinese Tourist Guide/Interpreter Indonesian Tourist Guide/Interpreter
2021-03 Lee** W Professional Medical Interpreter Course
International Medical Tourism Interpretation Practitioner Course Seongnam City Hall Global Health
Coordinator Enrichment Training
Medical Translation Ability Test Passed (English)
Global Healthcare Coordinator Certification
Hospital Service Coordinator Certification
Seongnam City Medical Tourism Convention Medical interpreter for plastic surgery, dermatology, examination etc.
2021-04 Jeong** W Medical Interpretaton Coordinator of Seongnam City
Medical interpreter in ImDr.
Medical translation for international patients at International Center, Seoul National University Hospital
Completed medical translation practice courses at International Center, Sinchon Severance Hospital
Completed Professional Course of Medical Interpreter, Ministry of Health and Welfare
Completion of CPR&AED training
2021-05 Huwr** W Completion of Medical Interpreter Course
Medical Interpretation Test Passed
Medical Interpretation at General Hospital, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology
2021-06 Yim** W Buenos Aires Medical University
MIK Hospital (medical interpreter for 4 years)
Medical Translation Ability Test Passed
2021-07 Kim** W International Medical Tourism Coordinator
Medical Translation Ability Test Passed (Chinese)
Medical Translation Ability Test Passed (English)
Interpreter, Chinese Tourist Guide
Coordinator pool information
English Chinese Japanese Russian Mongolian Spanish Tai Total
7 9 8 6 2 1 1 34

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