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FAQ to the Hospital by International Patients
2021-01-17 11:53

FAQ to the Hospital by International Patients 

1. Can I get a medical tourism visa during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Korean government has restricted visa issuance to prevent the spread

of COVID-19. However, if the necessary and urgency of visiting Korea

are recognized, visa issuance is possible.

*For severe symptoms in need of urgent treatment, a certificate of appointment

and a doctor’s referral (letter from a doctor, asking a specialist of other health

professional for a diagnosis of treatment) issued by a Korean hospital are required.

2.How do I apply to be quarantined at a hospital?

An application for issuance of an international Patient Certificate required for

hospital quarantine must be made at the hospital, not the patient, to the Korean Health

Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), and the issuance time is 14 business days.

*for those who with to the quarantined at a hospital, please contact the hospital

where you shall receive treatment of plan to seek medical assistance.

3. How do I get from the airport to the hospital if I am eligible for hospital quarantine?

*In principle, the patient must be transferred to the hospital by an ambulance

or quarantine call van from the hospital where your appointment is confirmed.

4.Quarantine at a hospital

Patients who have a medical visa and tested negative in the COVID-19 diagnostic

test upon arrival in Korea can be admitted and quarantined

to the hospital where the medical appointment is confirmed.

★The Hospital Quarantine guidelines for international patients were

newly established on July20. Make prior inquiry at your hospital as

some hospitals may not have these guidelines implemented.

5.Can I be informed in advance which temporary residential facility I will be staying at?

No, the assignment of a temporary residential facility is made on-site upon arrival.


Source: Korean Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI)