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2020 Ontact Gangnam Festival
2020-10-19 13:26

2020 Ontact Gangnam Festival

  • 2020 Gangnam Festival (Ontact*)
    at COEX and Yangjaecheon Stream
    from October 18–24

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 Gangnam Festival will be held online as well as through media and ontact performances from October 18–24. This seven-day festival will deliver a message of consolation and hope to the world in the spirit of ME ME WE GANGNAM, representing Gangnam’s elegance as a considerate and respectful place.

    In this coronavirus era where we coexist with COVID-19, 2020 Gangnam Festival will be open to the public through images shown via ontact services, electronic signboards, and other forms of media. The festival’s slogan is “ME ME WE GANGNAM” to represent Gangnam’s elegance as a considerate and respectful place. Inquiries: Tourism Promotion Division (+82-2-3423-5534)

“Four Seasons of Gangnam” Media Show
Fantastic display via electronic signboards at COEX
  • Fantastic display via electronic signboards at COEX 2020 Gangnam Festival will be scaled down into four programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Four Seasons of Gangnam” media show will be shown four times a day after 6 PM for four days from October 19–22 at the COEX K-Pop Square. Images will be displayed on electronic signboards at COEX.

    Date : October 19–22, 4 sessions per day after 6 PM

    Venue : Electronic signboards at COEX

K-Pop Concert
Live ontact broadcast at the COEX rooftop
  • An ontact K-pop concert will take place at the rooftop of COEX. Major K-pop stars will make their appearances at this ontact concert, and the concert will be broadcasted live on SBS as well as YouTube.

    Date : Sun, Oct. 18 at 7 PM

    Venue : COEX rooftop

“Urban Media Gallery”
Electronic signboard facades
  • During the festival period, “Urban Media Gallery” will be displayed on 40 outdoor electronic signboards at 30 locations throughout Gangnam-gu, including the SMTown. Artworks under the possession of galleries and museums based in Gangnam-gu will be exhibited through different forms of outdoor media.

    Date : Oct. 18–24 (periodically)

    Venue : 40 outdoor media signboards at 30 locations, including SMTown Media Facade

A portmanteau comprising the words “on” (online) and “tact” (contact), referring to meetings that take place online without contact, or “untact.”