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Check-In to Temporary Residential Facility
2020-09-07 15:42

Check-In to Temporary Residential Facility

Check-In to Temporary Residential Facility

  • Alight from special transport vehicle, and receive fever check; move to temporary
    residential facility if symptoms are not observed
  • Check-in survey is conducted to collect information related to admission
    • - Survey covers illnesses, allergies, and diet (halal, vegetarian, etc.)

Persons who fail to cooperate or violate quarantine regulations shall be deported pursuant to Article46 of the Immigration Act or be prohibited from re-entering pursuant to Article 11 of the same Act

  • Receive identification check through passport scanning at reception
  • Pay temporary residential facility fee at payment counter
    • - Pay by card orcash (KRW or USD)
    • - Payment of max KRW 150,000 per night per person (KRW 2,100,000 for 14 days)
    • - Free for children aged below 4,50% for children aged below 12
  • In principle, a single room with an en-suite shower and toilet will be assigned to each individual
    • - Children aged below 12 or disabled persons requiring guardians, husband and wife or other family relations,
      and persons who have entered Korea as a group may choose to be assigned to the same room
  • Delete self-quarantine safety protection app,and install self-check mobile app
    • - Check COVI D-19-related health status through selfcheck mobile app during quarantine period


What is the self-check mobile app?

  • 1) Allows self-diagnosis of health in relation to COVID-19
  • 2) Used in self-diagnosis at least once a day
  • 3) Transferred to police if self-diagnosis result is not submitted for more than three days

* Available languages: Korean, English, Chinese
  • Facility Quarantine Instructions will be distributed and education will be provided
    • - Fulfill occupants' right to know by explaining reason for moving-in, purpose, and future schedule
  • 14-day quarantine and self-monitoring begin after check-in to individual room
    • - Quarantined until 12:00 on the day that the full 14-day period is fulfilled from one day after arrival (arrival date+14)
      - (ex) Persons who have arrived on September 1 will be quarantined until 12:00 on September 15, when the 14-day period ends
  • Conduct COVID-19 diagnostic test within three days of check-in
    • - The cost of diagnostic tests is supported by the Korean government.

Convenience Services Temporary ResidentiaI Facility

Convenience Services Temporary ResidentiaI Facility

  • Live-in medical personnel for health monitoring related to COVID-19
  • 3 meals a day snack, drinking water
  • Interpretation services in English and other languages (live-in or non-residential)
  • Personal bedsheets toiletries (Personal clothing should be prepared by the individual)
  • TV, internet, and emergency bell in individual room
  • Order personal items and bring in parcels
    • - Check with facility manager before ordering parcel delivery as guidelines may vary by facility

Guidelines for Temporary Residential Facility

Guidelines for Temporary Residential Facility

  • Taking antipyretic analgesics and cough medicine are notallowed if symptoms appear during quarantine period
    • - (Immediately alert medical personnel, and receive the COVID-19 diagnostic test as instructed)
  • Always wear a mask in public areas
  • Do not move outside of individual room during quarantine period
  • Avoid meeting outsiders and coming into contact with other occupants during quarantine period
  • No smoking in all facility spaces
  • Drinking, smoking, and making loud noises are prohibited during quarantinev period
  • Damage and unauthorized removal of fixtures in temporary residential facility are prohibited
  • Unauthorized escape from temporary residential facility is prohibited
    • - (Persons found to be in violation shall face deportation)

Check-Out from Temporary Residential Facility

  • Undergo heath education