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Gangnam-gu Office has established an emergency response system to prevent the spread of 'Covid-19'
2020-01-28 14:34

Gangnam-gu Office has established an emergency response system to prevent the spread of 'Covid-19'


Gangnam-gu (Chief officer, Chung Soon-kyun) has strengthened the response system by maintaining a 24-hour contact system and designating a screening clinic after the first outbreak of a new coronavirus infection, called 'Covid-19'. They are promoting active prevention measures for early detection and the spread of pneumonia.


The Gangnam-gu Office has established quarantine countermeasures from the day of the first confirmed patient in Korea.  They are operating a 24-hour emergency contact system with medical institutions in the region to promptly respond to suspected corona virus infections.  Gangnam-gu Office requires medical institutions to check whether their patients have visited overseas countries, especially Wuhan City. If any suspected symptoms are confirmed, the medical institution promptly reports to the Centers for Disease Control or Public Health Center.


Gangnam-gu Office maintains a real-time communication system through the Center for Disease Control and the Hotline, while sharing information mutually with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korea Institute of Health and Environment.



Wash your hands properly!

Wash in soapy running water for at least 30 seconds


The path of infection of Covid-19 is not yet known, but most coronaviruses are transmitted through hands or droplets(saliva). There are no treatments or preventive vaccines for new infectious diseases. Covid-19 patients are currently receiving only symptomatic treatment for fever and coughing. The medical community and health authorities emphasize that personal hygiene must be taken seriously in order to prevent Wuhan pneumonia.


In particular, ▲after going out, ▲before cooking or eating food, ▲after going to the toilet, and ▲after touching a contaminated object, you should wash your hands. If you have infants, be sure to wash your hands ▲after changing diapers ▲before feeding milk.


It is important to wash your hands properly. Wash your hands with soap and running water for at least 30 seconds. In addition, frequently ventilate your place to prevent respiratory diseases. If you have respiratory symptoms, be sure to wear a mask and cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve when you sneeze.


If you travel overseas, especially China, you must avoid contact with local wild animals and poultry.


When entering Korea, you must fill out a health questionnaire and report it to the quarantine officer if you have any symptoms of respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath. If symptoms occur within 14 days of returning home, do not go to a medical institution immediately, instead call the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at 1339 or the Public Health Center.