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[EN] Korean rhinoplasty Q&A with Dr Suh Man Koon -JW Plastic surgery
2021-02-03 15:29

Dr. Suh Man Koon - JW Plastic Surgery's rhinoplasty specialist and the President of the Korean Academic Association of Rhinoplasty Surgeons answers the most notorious questions about nose surgery.

Dr Suh answers following questions:
1) What’s the difference between using rib and ear cartilage?
2) What is benefit of using rib cartilage over silicone implant?
3) Do silicone implants need to be replaced every 10 years?
4) How so you define the tip of a bulbous nose and keep natural result?
5) I had sinusitis. Can I still do rhinoplasty?
6) If I am an Asian, should I go to Asian rhinoplasty specialist or any good rhinoplasty surgeon can give me a satisfying effect?
7) When can a patient sleep regularly after rhinoplasty?
8) What is the biggest myth about rhinoplasty?