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We believe in the meaning of “together” [EYEREUM x Save the Children]
2020-12-24 13:32

We believe in the meaning of “together”[EYEREUM x Save the Children]

The cool months of fall are now behind us, and the chilly winds are reminding us of the coming of winter!
Our clinic has some good news to share that might warm up the cold winter days, and maybe even your heart!

As you may all know already, EYERIUM Ophthalmic Clinic donates to Save the Children every month under the names of employees celebrating their birthday.

EYERIUM’s Save the Children birthday donation

Wait, what is Save the Children?

Save the Children is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that strives for children’s rights across the globe and provides aid to children in need so they can grow to be financially and socially independent.

EYERIUM Ophthalmic Clinic is also striving to spread the meaning of “together” by donating to Save the Children every month. Because we believe in positive feedback, our clinic is carrying out birthday donations as well as giving them congratulations.

The donations which first started out in hope of our employees having a special birthday experience by doing something meaningful has soon taken root as a unique birthday culture of our clinic!

Especially, we believe this has significant meaning as EYERIUM strongly believes in the vision of Save the Children, which dreams of a world where every child is entitled to the right to survival, protection, education, and expression. We are rooting for the happiness and rights of children across the globe with our small but meaningful donations.

EYERIUM Ophthalmic Clinic strives to create a better world by donating not only to Save the Children, but also the Community Chest of Korea, the Korean Red Cross, and Vision Care.

Not only this, we are also donating to Hug for Vision, which is a donation group which campaigns for donating glasses to people in regions where it is inaccessible to get a pair of glasses.

We open our doors each day in hope of repaying the support and expectations that we received back to our customers.

Finishing off today’s post, we wish for a warm breeze that can comfort your heart cold and tired from the weather and COVID-19.

Thank you!