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View Plastic Surgery : A Gift of New Life and Hope to agi, Budsaya from Thailand
2020-06-02 09:55

A Gift of New Life and Hope to agi,Budsaya from Thailand

“International Foreign Patient Charity Project”by Gangnam Medical Center and View Plastic Surgery was taken place to share medical services for patients with financial difficulties and where medical services lack locally.With the intention to share Korea's advanced medical technology,the project is conducted to provide a fresh start for people hoping to seek for new life and dream with new appearance after surgery.

“One&Only Lucky Girl”among 300 Participants,her name is Budsaya She was born with along, protruded chin with severe malocclusion. Suffering from indigestion and severe pain due to irregular chewing and mouth opening happened daily. With features distinct from others, she was depressed at all times and was afraid to face in front of people confidently. She therefore had orthodontic braces in Thailand hoping to ease pain, but it didn't solve fundamental cause. Looking for a more effective treatment, double jaw surgery, dreaming about it was impossible due to financial difficulties.

A Miraculous Opportunity from Charity Project With the help from View Plastic Surgery medical doctors and systematic health examinations, she was able to receive two jaw surgery, facial contouring, eyes, and nose surgery necessary for her case. Apart from regaining of self-confidence after surgery, chewing difficulties and headaches caused by Temporomandibular joint has improved significantly.

A dream that was once lost was found. Turningpoint in if e with View Plastic Surgery! Looking forward with new dreams and hopes, she learned how to love herself even more.

View Plastic Surgery supports the future of Bud say at olive a new life, new appearance given through Medical Charity Project!