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    Accusculpt Liposuction
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    Liposuction is to remove excessively deposited fat in the body using ultrasonic waves and laser beams so as to create a slim body line and to discharge unnecessary adipocytes so as to smooth out the body silhouette.


    Operative Method

    1. Waterjet Type

    1) A technique to break down and draw out fat using the pressure of water, causing less damage to the body than other devices

    2) Application Area : Abdomen, arms, back, thighs, calves, hip and breast reduction


    2. Power-assisted Liposuction

    1) This technique is used to suck in even the smallest of fat particles that are broken down, but not sucked by the existing liposuction techniques.

    2) Application Area: Abdomen, arms, back, love handles and thighs

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