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    In Oriental medicine, acne is considered a result of heat generated due to abnormalities in the internal organs and the heat emitted through blood vessels in the face. Accordingly, acne treatment is carried out by treating the organ that causes heat generation and purifying blood and the skin through detoxification.



    1. Constitutional Diagnosis: Diagnosing causes of acne and examining physical condition and constitution

    2. In-depth Skin Diagnosis: Accurately examining skin type and regenerative power

    3. Oriental Medicine: Individually customized prescription according to patient’s skin and body conditions, alleviation of inflammation, increasing skin immunity and regenerative power

    4. Acne Extrusion: Acne extrusion with skilled technique

    5. Herbal Acupuncture Therapy: Anti-inflammatory effect

    6. Oriental Medicinal Peeling: Removing impurities/ dead skin cells and improving red blemishes and skin pigmentation

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