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Field Spa & Esthetic, Etc. Operating time 평일 10:00~19:00 / 토, 일, 공휴일 휴무
Phone +82-2-511-5553 Email
Interpretation Languages Korean, Chinese, Japanese Homepage
Address 19-1, Hakdong-ro 20-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea  
About Company

MiView is a cosmetic plastic surgery startup leading the Korean medical services by attracting global patients. At Miview, there are cosmetic plastic surgery platform experts, Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese patient consultants and expert video producers. We currently have forged partnerships with 200 clinics in Korea including plastic surgery, dermatology, oriental medicine clinics.
Services: Providing interpretation services for consultation at 200 plastic surgery clinics, dermatology clinics and oriental medicine clinics, post-operative care, and recommendation on customized clinics.