How to treat obesity and keep the weight off [ KIM JUNGKUK, CLINIC OF KOREAN MEDICINE ]
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    How to treat obesity and keep the weight off KIM JUNGKUK CLINIC OF KOREAN MEDICINE

    Obesity is a global problem. South Korea is one of the countries with a reasonably low obesity rate. We analyze various causes of obesity and prepare countermeasures, from lifestyle problems such as high-calorie foods, excess carbohydrates, excess sugar, and lack of exercise, to hormones such as leptin, ghrelin, and serotonin.
    Obesity is the result of overfeeding. Various physical and psychological reasons cause excess intake, and obesity can be improved by changing them.

    Western medicine uses drugs that act on the central nervous system to treat obesity. GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide), which is called the “miracle obesity drug” and is an issue these days, is a drug that acts on the pancreas and reduces appetite. In the case of severe obesity, surgery is also used to reduce the size of the stomach directly.

    Traditional Korean medicine also has thousands of years of clinical treatment data for obesity. It has long been recognized that obesity, high-calorie foods, and excessive alcohol consumption are the causes of “exhaustion,” a symptom of diabetes, and treatments have been developed.

    They don’t feel full and eat food even though their stomach is full. When we are stressed, we eat food continuously. Constitution to consume food due to fatigue and weakness and so on.

    In traditional Korean medicine, obesity-prone constitutions are divided into six types and treated according to their body. Successful obesity treatment starts with lowering excessive appetite. Therefore, acupuncture and herb therapy are used to stabilize excessively high appetite. It reduces energy intake, increases the body’s metabolic rate, and reduces body fat. In addition, it prevents weight cycling by suggesting and implementing sustainable dietary habits.

    Treating obesity includes weight loss and prevention of recurrence. Treat obesity at Kim Jungkuk Clinic of Korean Medicine, which has treated more than 7,000 obese patients through a treatment developed by Korean medicine doctor Kim Jungkuk, who has lost 30 kg and maintained it for over 10 years.

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    Weekly meal plan

    6 Tips for Treating Obesity

    1. 1. You should know that a healthy diet and a diet diet are different.

      The diet should control the total calories, and there is no need to distinguish between the types of food. A healthy diet is about eating food with good ingredients and minimal cooking methods, and it is not a diet.

    2. 2. The essence of obesity is calorie excess.

      You will gain weight if the total calories you consume during the day exceed the threshold. If you go on a diet, it’s not just about focusing on healthy foods but also reducing your overall calorie intake!

    3. 3. Set a meal routine, and fast for the evening!

      However, carbonated drinks and juicing fruit juices are prohibited. When consuming protein, salt is used, and salads are only oil dressings.

    4. 4. Drink 25cc of fluids times your weight.

      Our bodies can’t distinguish between thirst and hunger.

    5. 5. No Exercise

      Don’t exercise to lose weight; if you do, you should only drink water for 60 minutes after exercising.

    6. 6. Eat Anything

      Eating only certain foods to lose weight or excluding certain nutrients will intensify the weight cycling.