Korean cosmetic surgery trends, butt lift [JUNG YOUNG-CHOON, HERSHE PLASTIC SURGERY CEO, PLASTIC SURGEON]
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    Recently, in cosmetic surgery, interest in lifting has been growing. Lifting mainly refers to a procedure in which sagging skin and tissue of the jawline or cheeks are lifted upwards and fixed.

    Such lifting procedures have been actively used in body shape recently, and the number of butt lift treatments has increased rapidly.

    In the field of buttock plastic surgery, which enlarges the size of the buttocks or pulls up sagging tissue, it is reported that about 25,000 buttock plastic surgeries were performed in 2019 in the United States alone, accounting for about 4% of all plastic surgeries.

    In the past, plastic surgery in the buttock area was a standard method of inserting implants similar to the shape of the buttocks. Still, many patients complained about the pain or foreign body sensations after surgery.

    In recent years, it has been common to transplant excess fat from the thighs, abdomen, and the surrounding areas of the buttocks to the upper part of the buttocks, the uneven part on the sides, and the pelvic area, which lacks of volume. If there is a lack of fat, the fat can be replaced with fillers. In addition, if you combine thread lifting during buttock plastic surgery, you can form a more natural and elastic hip line, and you can expect a visual effect that makes your legs look longer while exposing the thighs that were unclear with sagging buttocks.

    Therefore, I explain to my patients that volume augmentation and lifting of sagging tissue during buttock shaping can achieve more natural and satisfying results.

    The hip-up lifting method has not been used often because medical sutures need to support the weight of the tissue. Still, they have a large muscle mass and a more comprehensive range than the face, so they cannot be sufficiently fixed after the procedure. The trunk or protrusion of the suture can be easily broken.

    In this case, the results of the system will not be maintained. In other words, the key is the strength and tissue fixation of the suture, and the medical Epiticon thread, which was recently developed with domestic technology, can firmly fix the collected tissue while maintaining the melting property that does not leave foreign substances in the body, so it is suitable for buttock shaping. I have presented the buttock lift plastic surgery procedure using Epiticon thread at PRS KOREA, Jetema 2023 BESPOKE Symposium, International Journal 2021 Dermatologic Surgery, INTERCHARM Russia 2018, and Beyond Beauty ASEAN Bangkok 2019 Expo, and has been highly acclaimed in the medical field of cosmetic surgery.

    Korean-style buttock lift, using the medical thread developed in Korea will be a helpful solution for people worldwide struggling with their body lines.


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