Spring skin care and treatment [ DM Dermatology, Dr. Yeong-ik Shin ]
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    The wind tends to blow strongly in the Korean peninsula from March to April, quickly drying the skin. At this time, strong westerly winds move yellow dust from China to the Korean Peninsula. Therefore, this period is the time of the year when yellow dust is most severe. Yellow dust contains tiny sand particles, fine dust, and ultra-fine dust, which increases the possibility of skin, respiratory (nasal mucosa, bronchial), and eye problems. In particular, people with sensitive skin tend to have more sensitive skin conditions and may require skin care and treatment. The most crucial thing in skincare at this time is to wash the skin well. It is recommended to wash your face immediately after returning from going out. It is essential to thoroughly clean your face using a detergent suitable for your skin type (separately used for oily and dry skin). It is important to rinse thoroughly after washing your face with detergent. After washing your face, it is recommended to use a light lotion suitable for your skin type. If your skin type is oily, use an oily lotion/cream; if you have dry skin, use a dry lotion/cream. 

    Most people with sensitive skin are advised to use oily products.
    Another skin disease is photosensitive dermatitis. It is a disease that causes itching and rashes on sun-exposed skin. If the symptoms are severe, we recommend seeing a dermatologist immediately. Treatment is to use a steroid ointment and take an anti-allergic drug when the symptoms are mild. In addition, use sunscreen appropriately to protect your skin from UV rays. In the case of mild symptoms, use sunscreen; if the skin is irritated, cool the skin with a cold towel to alleviate the symptoms. As the time exposed to the sun increases, the skin adapts and improves.

    I would like to recommend two skin care treatments recommended for spring. First, a botulinum toxin injection that eliminates frown lines and crow’s feet. This is because wrinkles between the eyebrows and around the eyes become more pronounced as outdoor activities increase and sunlight strengthens. 

    Second, I would like to recommend a procedure to get rid of a double chin or other body fat. Wearing a mask due to corona is completely gone, so it’s time to pay more attention to your face. Recently, an injection procedure that easily removes flab is showing promising results. This is an injection containing DeoxyCholic Acid. It is a more reliable procedure because it is a specialized drug recognized by KFDA for its efficacy in removing double chin fat. Since the effect appears after 1 month, it is recommended to undergo the procedure after sufficient consultation with a dermatologist.