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    Breast augmentation checklist for safe a surgical procedure [MD Clinic]
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    Breast augmentation checklist for safe a surgical procedure

    With growing interest among women in breast augmentation, which symbolizes

    female beauty, more and more women are thinking about receiving breast augmentation.

    As the number of breast augmentation cases increases, side effects are also on the rise.

    Here is a checklist for before you receive a breast augmentation procedure.

    First. Is a breast cancer test required before breast augmentation procedure?

    Some worry that breast augmentation may lead to a higher risk of breast cancer,

    but breast augmentation has nothing to do with breast cancer.

    As the number of breast cancer cases has increased lately, however,

    testing for breast cancer is not optional but required.

    Since you may not actively seek to receive a breast cancer test after breast augmentation

    due to potential problems, such as possible damage to breast implants,

    the test must be conducted before the procedure.

    The breast cancer test before breast augmentation basically includes precision

    imaging and breast ultrasound. If a lesion or lump is observed, histological examination,

    such as cytology or Mammotome, will be conducted additionally.

    Second. What should you consider for breast augmentation?

    Breast size, shape, proportions and tactility must be considered

    for beautiful and satisfactory augmented breast curves.

    Furthermore, the sites of incision and implant are very important choices to make.

    Incision sites in breast augmentation are divided into armpit, areola and under the breasts.

    Most prefer the armpit, which leaves little scar, as the incision site.

    But when you often reveal your armpit like a model or celebrity, the areola or under the breasts would be better.

    You also must choose breast implants whose safety is tested and proven.

    Currently, it is worth recommending Motiva and Mentor’s XTRA as silicone gel breast implants

    approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Motiva designs and produces its surface

    with the 3D imprinting technique to prevent bacterial growth in the implant shell

    and reduce the risk of capsular contracture. It also inserts a BlueSeal barrier

    layer between standard layers in the shell to prevent a micro-leak in silicone gel.

    Mentor’s XTRA Smooth is an FDA-approved product, which improves upon

    traditional memory gel, ensures 100% filling, smooths edges, and reduces rippling.

    Third. What kind of care should you receive after breast augmentation?

    Post-procedure care is very important for breast augmentation compared to other surgical procedures.

    Some are mesosoft, dermaplus, high-frequency heating, capsulitis, and placenta care.

    Mesosoft is a procedure that injects a drug through a fine needle to make

    the skin surface soft and improves tactility effectively. Dermaplus injects

    a drug to the skin through electrophoresis and improves tactility.

    High-frequency heating generates endogenous dermal heat up to 42°C to ease the skin surface

    and muscle, accelerate recovery, and improve tactility. Capsulitis is a device that prevents capsular contracture.

    Placenta care helps to keep your loosened breast skin sleek and tight. In addition, various

    types of care such as scar removal laser and infrared care are needed to facilitate post-operative recovery.

    It would be better to look at the whole surgical procedure to decide whether to have

    breast augmentation, instead of simply checking the price of the procedure.

    Choosing a clinic with an experienced physician will lead to safe and satisfactory outcomes.

    Written by Director Lee Sang-dal of MD Clinic