The Dreadful Body Odor Come Summer... UHF Lasers to the Rescue!
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    The Dreadful Body Odor Come Summer...UHF Lasers to the Rescue!Kim Hyeon-ju, Kim Hyeong-seop, Dermatologists

    Your armpits have both eccrine and apocrine sweat glands. Unlike sweat from eccrine sweat glands, which mostly consists of water, sweat from apocrine sweat glands contains various substances, including lipid, neutral fat, fatty acid, cholesterol, iron, fluorescent materials, and pigments, which form the environment where bacteria and fungi easily propagate. The sweat glands of your armpits not only respond to the rise of humidity and temperature, but also the psychological reaction of your body, which means they secrete sweat when you feel tension, anxiety, and pain.

    Be it sweat for adjusting body temperature or that secreted due to tension, too much sweat causes distress, not only because of itself, but also its odor. In particular, armpits are where your body parts stick together, which means that the possibility of generating odor owing to bacteria or fungi infection is high. You may become a common eyesore because of the stale odor from your armpits.

    It is common to apply the laser treatment of removing hair from armpits to repress the generation of bacteria in sweat and on skin. It is because hair, tangled with sebum, makes a good temperature and environment for breeding bacteria. Recently, many dermatologists conduct miraDry® laser treatment (photo), which removes sweat glands with microwave, without any surgical operation.

    miraDry® was introduced to South Korea over 10 years ago, and its safety and effects have been proven clearly. It partially destroys sweat glands while protecting the surface of the skin. Sweat glands exist along the border between the inner skin and the layer of fat. miraDry destroys sweat gland cells with heat generated by the vibration of water molecules in the skin by delivering energy into it. It takes about 20-30 minutes with local anesthesia. According to the results of the armpit skin tissue test before and after miraDry treatment published in an international journal by a medical team over at Ana Clinic, the nuclei of sweat gland cells were destroyed and the cells necrosed in six months since treatment, with disappearance of eccrine sweat glands between inner skin and fat layer. The effects of the treatment are semi-permanent as the destroyed sweat glands don’t revive.
    If you want to prevent sweat and its unpleasant odor, you should keep yourself clean. Wash your armpits cleanly and dry areas where flesh sticks together thoroughly with air. It would be better if you wear a well-ventilated shirt and use powder to keep your armpits dry. If you are bothered with sweat when you go out, it would be helpful if you wipe the sweat with a cotton gauze or handkerchief once in 3-4 hours. You’d better refrain yourself from consuming alcohol or spicy and salty food that increases your body temperature in summer, as well as beverages with caffeine, such as coffee, coke, and black tea, and energy drinks.

    Applying antiperspirant at night and washing in the morning can be helpful to reduce sweat secretion only temporarily and inconveniently. Botox is another way to curtail sweat secretion, but its effect lasts for only 4-6 months, which means you will have to get shots repeatedly.