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    Things to consider when planning a rhinoplasty
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    Things to consider when planning a rhinoplastyDr. Yoo An-na, Dream Plastic Surgery

    - Source: Dream plastic surgery

    Wearing a mask has become an essential part of our life due to the prolongation of COVID-19. This has brought a lot of inconvenience in our lives; for those who have been considering rhinoplasty, on the other hand, may think now is the perfect time to get the surgery as we have our noses covered under the mask. The nose that plays an important role in determining the first impression can affect our overall look depending on its shape and location. This is why rhinoplasty should be done after thorough consultation with an experienced medical team.

    Let’s find out about rhinoplasty 101 with Dr. Yoo An-na, things you might want to know such as how it’s done and what to prepare.

    What is the latest trend of rhinoplasty?In the past, people didn’t put a lot of thought into how a nose design would blend in with their own facial structure and often asked for the nose job to be done in a shape of others, mostly wanting to look like a certain celebrity. Things have changed now, as nowadays, people often think about what nose shape would best fit their facial features and opt for natural-looking shapes than artificial ones.
    What are the things to consider when planning a rhinoplasty?You will have to place a nose splint with medical tape on the nose for as long as one week after you receive rhinoplasty. Your personal schedule must be arranged based on this time frame. There won’t be much inconvenience in your daily life with a taped nose, but it is better you avoid important meetings for about a week.
    What are the general types of rhinoplasty?There are two general types of rhinoplasty — an open rhinoplasty and a closed (endonasal) rhinoplasty. The former is performed by making an incision in between the nostrils, whereas the latter makes an incision inside a nostril. Open rhinoplasty is advantageous for improved accuracy for reshaping the nose as the practitioner can clearly see the operation. Closed rhinoplasty is beneficial for leaving no visible scars as the incision is made inside the nose and it takes less time for recovery. The appropriate method can be chosen depending on the patient’s situation.
    What precautions should be taken when undergoing rhinoplasty?Self-regulation is a must. Alcoholic drinks and tobacco should be avoided as they can cause inflammation. Catching a cold also leads to inflammation, so patients should take a good care of their health. They should regularly take prescribed medication and check their nose conditions on the designated dates.
    What do you consider the most important when performing rhinoplasty?The result of plastic surgery highly depends on the satisfaction of the patient, so it is important for me to know exactly what the patient wants through thorough consultation.
    I also discuss carefully with the patient whether the desired shape would harmonize with the facial structure of the patient. Therefore, for those of you who are planning for rhinoplasty, it is essential that you are fully aware of the various information on rhinoplasty and consult a plastic surgeon at the same time.