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    Chronic fatigue can double the speed of facial aging if left untreated
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    Lee Jung-hoon, SeouLeaguer DermatologyChronic fatigue can double
    the speed of facial aging if left untreated

    - Source: SeouLeaguer Dermatology

    We sometimes experience difficulty falling into a deep sleep or fatigue not relieved after a full night of sleep. There are times when pain doesn’t go away even after massaging your strained neck and shoulders. Your fatigued body causes you to keep complaining about aches and pain.

    People of modern times live a hectic life all alike. However, experiencing a sense of fatigue that lasts for months and years on end means that you need to check on your conditions. This is because continued fatigue not only has a bad impact on your body, but also is the main cause of physical and facial aging.

    Fatigue generally means a state where our physical and mental functions are deteriorated due to continuous and repetitive physical as well as mental activities. The aspects of how fatigue is expressed cannot be simplified into a couple of types. In general, however, it is expressed through a combination of several symptoms including headache, vertigo, tiredness, lethargy, weariness, insomnia, loss of appetite, gastric disorders, fever, and mental uneasiness.

    These symptoms, if left untreated for an extended period of time. have direct effect on your face. Your skin will roughen and become drier. Also, the formation of nasal folds and lowered skin elasticity can occur. In other words, continued fatigue would, as of the common phrase, make you “get old as if having been through a hardship.”

    The cause of fatigue varies from your work environment or quality and amount of work to inappropriate form of work and undesirable interpersonal relationships. In terms of your lifestyle habits, the quality of your sleep, nutritive conditions, and resting environment can also cause fatigue.

    If the symptoms of fatigue are not severe, you can try to find and solve the cause through various ways. In overcoming fatigue, the rule of thumb is to take a rest. It is helpful to take a sufficient amount of sleep, keep a balanced diet, and do light exercises to bring vitality to your body. A bath or massage also relaxes the muscles and relives tension built up on your body. Health supplements, such as vitamins, can provide a temporary effect.
    However, when a combination of serious symptoms continues for at least six months, chronic fatigue syndrome is suspected. Chronic fatigue syndrome is not a disease that can be diagnosed with an examination producing exact numbers. The diagnosis is complicated and, therefore, this condition cannot be defined simply. If experiencing severe fatigue accompanied by perspiration, sore throat, headache and numbness in your hands and feet for six months or longer, it is recommended to seek professional medical advice.

    When you have many things you need to and want to do, chronic fatigue syndrome is literally a bad news for your mentality. It will repetitively hinder you from producing results and lower the quality of life. Moreover, your complexion will darken and the speed of aging will double. Eventually, it can cause depression or anxiety.
    If your body suffers from chronic fatigue, you can seek for improvement through exercising. According to resent studies, gradually increasing the amount of aerobic exercise is effective in relieving fatigue. Follow the routine of stretching your body five days a week along with walking or swimming for around three months. Then, depending on your conditions, increase your exercise time up to 30 minutes, but in moderation. Avoid food that contains caffeine, take healthful food, and pay attention to the changes in your physical and mental states.

    “As of the old saying, ‘to be beyond is as wrong as to fall short,’ when your body sends you negative signs, it is a good idea to take a break and look after yourself,” said Lee Jung-hoon, Director of SeouLeaguer Dermatology. He emphasized, “If you ignore the signs because you are too busy with your work or occupied otherwise, you might have to face a more difficult situation in the future.”