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    JK Plastic Surgery Center
    정보 테이블
    Medical fieldPlastic Surgery Certificate of healthcare provider for international patientsM-2009-01-08-0001
    Phone+82-2-777-0337 Consultation EmailEnglish@jkplastic.com
    Interpretation Languages Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian Homepagehttps://www.jkplastic.com/en/
    Operating timeWeekdays AM 09:30 - PM 18:30 / On Saturdays AM 09:30 - PM 16:00 / Closed on Sundays & Holidays
    Address JK Plastic Surgery Center, JK Building, Nonhyun-ro 835 Gangnam-gu, Seoul . 
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    Plastic Surgery > Liposuction / fat graft > Fat graft

    Plastic Surgery > Eye > Orbital fat repositioning

    Plastic Surgery > Anti-aging > Endoscopic forehead lift

    Plastic Surgery > Facial contour > Zygoma reduction

    Plastic Surgery > Nose > Flat nose

    About clinic

    3rd consecutive accereditation:
    The first and only government accredited
    plastic surgery center by KAHF
    (Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals)

    Specialized Medical Dept

    Body Contouring, Anti-Aging (Full face lifting, Under eye surgery, etc), Breast Surgery (Augmentation, Reduction, Lift, etc), Rhinoplasty, Facial Fat Grafting

    Medical Dept
    정보 테이블
    Name Inpatient Outpatient Cost Special Conditions
    Eye Lid - 3~7 days - Board certified plastic surgeon
    Nose Surgery - 5~10 days - Board certified plastic surgeon
    Eye bag surgery, fat repositioning, dark circle removal - 7-10 days - Board certified plastic surgeon
    Lifting - 7~14 days - Board certified plastic surgeon
    Breast - 7~10 days - Board certified plastic surgeon
    Zeltiq (Cryolipolysis) - 3-5 days - Board certified plastic surgeon
    정보 테이블
    Medical staff Operating rooms / Treatment rooms Available Anesthesiologist Availability of AED
    8 8 / 7 Y Y
    Background of Chief Director

    Founder, CEO of JK Medical Group. 1st Hospital in Korea to officially serve for international patient in 2009 with certification No. 0001. by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare.
    Awarded for Excellence in Foreign Patient Attraction by Prime Minister of Korea.
    Awarded for Excellence in Foreign Patient Attraction by the Minister of Health and Welfare in Korea in 2011~2014.
    Medical Institution Attracting International Patients approved by Gangnam-Gu for 5 consecutive years
    First medical institution to be awarded the Consumer Centered Management Award (CCM) for 5years in-row.
    Awarded by The Fair Trade Commission of Consumer Promotion Interest
    Selected by EBA for out standing for "Health care and Medical Tourism" primally in Korea.

    Medical Equipment

    International standard for aseptic surgical system (US FED STD. 209 D)
    Air shower, Dust suction mats, Sterile operating rooms, Filtration air system
    Clinical laboratory & 3D_CT, Digital X-ray, 3D Virtual Surgery
    UPS Power backup system.
    Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA)
    Centralized monitoring system
    Emergency kit / CPR team


    [Ministry of Health and Welfare] the first medical institution to officially serve international patients with Certification No.0001.
    [Korea Fair Trade Commission ,Korea Consumer Agency] First medical institution to be awarded the Consumer Centered Management Award (CCM)
    [Europe] International Certification of Excellent Enterprise in ‘Healthcare & Medical Tourism’ by European EBA

    Insurance Company & period

    Medical and hospital liability insurance(2019.12.04~2020.12.04)

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