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MD Breast Surgery Clinic
Medical field Plastic Surgery Certificate of healthcare provider for international patients M-2020-01-08-5963
Phone +82-2-542-0081 Consultation Email
Interpretation Languages Korean, English Homepage
Operating time Weekdays AM9:00~PM6:30 Sat AM9:00~PM4:00 / Public Holidays, Sunday closed
Address 85-18cheongdam-dong (814seolleungno) Gangnam-gu ,seoul MD building 3-8F  
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Plastic Surgery > Breast > Breast lift

Plastic Surgery > Breast > Reduction mammaplasty

Plastic Surgery > Breast > Augmentation Mammoplasty

About clinic

How come there is no hospital that focuses only on breasts?
Since its opening in 2001, MD Clinic Mammoplasty Center has been ranked on the 1st place in the field of breast plastic surgery according to the Korean Customer Satisfaction Index (KCSI) through our rich clinical experience and high-quality medical services.
We are a medical institution that researches only on breasts with the aim of making healthy and beautiful breasts.
Prioritizing safety first and foremost, MD Clinic will strive to provide high-quality medical services andperform safe mammoplasty for patients from all over the worldas a global hub of plastic surgery.

Medical Dept
Name Inpatient Outpatient Cost Special
Breast Augmentation 1day 7days
Breast Revision 1day 7days
Breast Reduction 1day 7days
Medical staff,Operating rooms / Treatment rooms,Available Anesthesiologist,Availability of AED
Medical staff Operating rooms / Treatment rooms Available Anesthesiologist Availability of AED
4 5 / 3 Y Y
Background of Chief Director

Work experience of Lee Sang-dal: 23 years; Number of performed surgeries: More than 10,000 breast surgery alone

Insurance Company & period

Insurance coverage: 200,000,000 / Period of insurance: 2020.08.06.-2021.08.06 / Insurer: Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance for foreign patients