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Medical field Plastic Surgery Certificate of healthcare provider for international patients M-2020-01-08-5670
Phone +82-2-541-1990 Consultation Email
Interpretation Languages Korean Homepage
Operating time Weekdays AM 10:00-PM 7:00 Sat AM 10:00-PM 3:00 / Public Holidays, Sunday closed
Address Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu,Seoul, Republic of Korea I’s Tower 9F 101 
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Plastic Surgery > Liposuction / fat graft

Dermatology > Wrinkle/lifting

Plastic Surgery > Eye > Non-incisional double eyelid surgery

Plastic Surgery > Eye > Incisional double eyelid surgery

Plastic Surgery > Eye > Orbital fat repositioning

About clinic

Wow Plastic Surgery, a place that strives to draw the best exclamation from you.
Based on the rich clinical experience of 17 years, Wow Plastic Surgery makes efforts to help you select surgery through thorough medical check-up and accurate prediction of results, and does not promise medically impossible surgical results. In addition, in order to perform the most suitable surgery for each patient, we provide 1:1 customized consultation and surgery, and operate a 365-day disinfection system for safety as well as a comprehensive safety management system.

Specialized Medical Dept

Eye bag rearrangement, lower eyelid, thread lifting, laser, patented contour injection, removing and pulling injection, filler, botox

Medical Dept
Name Inpatient Outpatient Cost Special
Burial double eyelid - - $710 Dr. Cho Jong-je
non-incisional ptosis correction - - $1,150 Dr. Cho Jong-je
eyebag rearrangement - - $1,065 Dr. Cho Jong-je
lower eyelid - 7 $1,600 Dr. Cho Jong-je
upper eyelid - 7 $1,330 Dr. Cho Jong-je
fat graft - 7 $1,330 Dr. Cho Jong-je
thread lifting - - $180~532 Dr. Cho Jong-je
shrink - - $53 Dr. Cho Jong-je
botox - - $36 Dr. Cho Jong-je
filler - - $80 Dr. Cho Jong-je
Medical staff,Operating rooms / Treatment rooms,Available Anesthesiologist,Availability of AED
Medical staff Operating rooms / Treatment rooms Available Anesthesiologist Availability of AED
2 2, 4 Y Y
Background of Chief Director

Director Cho Jong-je
17 years of experience/ More than 780 procedures per month
Plastic surgeon
Graduated from Dongguk University College of Medicine
Completed Specialist, Samsung Medical Center
Outpatient Assistant Professor, Samsung Medical Center
Regular member of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
Regular member of the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Regular member of the International Society of Plastic Surgery
Regular member of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgeons

Medical Equipment

AED, UPS, Shrink, Clarity

Insurance Company & period

Insurance coverage: 100,000,000 / Period of insurance: 21.02.07~22.02.06 / Insurer: Korean Medical Association Medical Indemnity Association