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Dr. Hwang`s Hair Transplantation Center
Medical field Hair loss Certificate of healthcare provider for international patients M-2009-01-08-0170
Phone +82-2-545-5824 Consultation Email
Interpretation Languages Korean, English, Chinese Homepage
Operating time AM 10:00 ~ PM 19:00 / Holiday : Sunday, Public Holidy
Address 13, Dosan-daero 1-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea  
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Alopecia Clinic > Alopecia / hair transplantation > Hair transplantation

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About clinic

Having served as the general director of ISHRS, chairman of KSHRS, former chairman of AAHRS, first in Korea to obtain an American hair transplant doctor license, co-author of an American hair transplant textbook, co-author of an Asian hair transplant textbook and main author of a Korean hair transplant textbook, Dr. Hwang Seong-ju in Hwang Seong-ju Hair Transplant Center places the highest importance on providing honest treatment services, and thus winning patients’ trust. Through active participation in international academic activities and clinical experiments and by writing numerous study papers, Dr. Hwang has established and is operating a global hair transplant system. With 20 years of experience transplanting more than 30 million strands of hair, Hwang Seong-ju Hair Transplant Center will be your trustworthy partner for hair transplants.

Specialized Medical Dept

Scalp tattooing, Scale care

Medical Dept
Name Inpatient Outpatient Cost Special
Hair transplantation Unnecessary 3~14days 7000~10000(USD)
Hairline correction Unnecessary 3~14days 7000~10000(USD)
Eyebrow transplantation Unnecessary 3~14days 2500~3000(USD)
Scalp management Unnecessary 3~7days 150(USD)
Medical staff,Operating rooms / Treatment rooms,Available Anesthesiologist,Availability of AED
Medical staff Operating rooms / Treatment rooms Available Anesthesiologist Availability of AED
2 2 N N
Background of Chief Director

Head director of Dr.Hwang’s Hair Hair Clinic
President of ISHRS(2017.10~ 2018.10) / Dermatologist
Founding and President of AAHRS (2011~2012)
Board of conference of ISHRS workshop by Dr.Hwang’ Hair Hair Clinic (2008)
Co-author of Hair Transplantation USA
Co-author of Hair Transplantation ASIA
Awarded Platinum Follicle Award of ISHRS (2006)
(for the best doctor who had influenced in the research of Hair Transplantation in ISHRS)
Founding and President of KSHRS(2014~2016)
Representative author of Hair Transplantation Korea
Selected as a hair transplant doctor of the month 3/4 of 2002
Received the Best Paper Award (Dong-A Academy Award) from the Korea Dermatological Society in 2003
Applied a patent for Hwang's Implanter for depth-controlled hair transplantation
Developed Hwang's Board for depth-controlled hair transplant

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