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Smart Life - Walk Around Gangnam
2021-05-11 12:58

Smart Life - Walk Around Gangnam

Discover Gangnam on Foot
Health Signal Course 4

Health Signal Course

Course : Apgujeong Station → Sinsa Underpass → Hangang River → Apgujeong Underpass → Cheongdam-dong Street → Cheongdam Neighborhood Park → COEX

Distance : Approx. 6 km

Duration : About 2 hr. 50 min. including break

Gangnam’s health signal course connects its past and present with people, nature and city.

We walk down the health signal course
where you can see the beauty of the Hangang River, frolic in forest trails, enjoy Hallyu (Korean Wave),
and explore urban spaces.

Imagine Apgujeong of the past by the Hangang River

The health signal course begins with Apgujeong Station. When we get to Hangang Park near Sinsa Underpass while watching nature preparing , we’ll be greeted by the MEMEWE GANGNAM structure.

After Sinsa Underpass, there is a completely different world. You can see the Hangang River and an urbanscape.
The Hangang River is more colorful than the sky with its green trees all across four seasons, and colors in the city make a painting-like landscape. In the past, Han Myeong-hoe built Apgujeong and enjoyed a landscape while watching the Hangang River. While walking down the health signal course, we imagine what the Hangang River was like in the eyes of people in the past.

Beautiful harmony between city and nature

Once you see the Hangang River, it is time to enjoy Hallyu (Korean Wave).
The course leads from Sinsa Underpass to K-Star Road by Apgujeong Rodeo Station.
You can see cute Gangnamdol and medial poles. In medial poles, MEMEWE wearing hanbok welcomes passengers-by.
It is also fun to window shop around designer brands while walking down Cheongdam-dong Designer Brand Street.
If you walk with someone special, it would be also a good idea to check out Cheongdam Food Street.

Soon after we enjoy the taste of the city, we now head to Cheongdam Neighborhood Park. From here on, it overlaps with Urban Clean Walkway in the early part of Health Signal Course 1.
The course leads from the park to Hills where you can fully enjoy a landscape and ends with COEX, an international attraction.
It is also good to check out Bongeunsa Temple and the old site of Seunggwapyeong.

While K-Star Road, Cheongdam-dong Designer Brand Street, and COEX in Health Signal Course 4 represent today’s Gangnam in the world, Apgujeong, Samseong-ri Earthen Fortification and Bongeunsa Temple represent the history of Gangnam.
The health signal course shows various aspects of Gangnam at different paces and intensities like a music variation.

After we go out for a walk with a water bottle, we fill health both in our body and mind.
We are fascinated with Gangnam where the past, present and future, nature and city, and innocence and fanciness all co-exist.
Isn’t that a signal of love that we can get from health signal?