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A Chinese Woman’s Hope Retrieved with the Sharing Medical Care of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic
2019-06-27 15:38

A Chinese Woman’s Hope Retrieved with the
Sharing Medical Care of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic

In 2008, a serious bus accident in which three people died and 12 people were injured occurred in Shanghai. Due to the bus explosion at that time, Ms. Joo Chuiweni suffered second to third degree burns in about 57% of her body. Severe injuries to most of her face as well as her body, caused her difficulties in her daily life. Although she received surgery and medical care more than 50 times, it was difficult to expect a recovery due to the severe damage to the skin on her face and on both of her hands. Amidst her suffering, she came across the “New Face, New dream” charity care program, led by excellent doctors and the Korea Health Industry Development Institute. Through this campaign, she has regained her hope. JK Plastic Surgery, which was in charge of the treatment, has been providing free-of-charge surgery by continuously inviting patients of low-income families or single-parent families from overseas, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. as well as Korea, who suffered from intractable burns.

Joo Chuiweni, who had been in fear and anxiety before her first operation in June, got satisfactory surgical results and received a second operation with high confidence in the medical team. JK Plastic Surgery Clinic’s medical team explained that while the primary goal of the first surgery was a functional improvement, the second surgery was focused on softening the scar tissue of the face, neck, and chest areas and improving the wounds.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic has also prepared a special experience for Joo Chuiweni. After the accident, Joo Chuiweni has not been going out much. Thus, for her, the Clinic has prepared a Korean culture experience to help her make a valuable memory in Korea. It was good enough to be remembered for her lifetime, such as wearing a Hanbok and walking around Gyeongbok Palace while enjoying Korean food. Meanwhile, JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, which presented a new life to Joo Chuiweni, is a Medical Institution which has recognized for excellence in Foreign Patients Attraction by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Source: JK Plastic Surgery Clinic