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    Revision Blepharoplasty According to Cause of Double Eyelid Surgery Failure [Inique Plastic Surgery]
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    One of the most popular plastic surgeries is blepharoplasty, namely double eyelid surgery, and its surgical method is relatively simple, so you can easily find those who have received or are considering getting a procedure. Like any surgery, however, double eyelid surgery can also have side effects.


    One of the most common side effects of double eyelid surgery is a what is referred to as "sausage" double eyelid. The medical term is "pretarsal fulness," and it refers to the puffy and unnatural shape of the eyelids like a sausage.



    Revision blepharoplasty may have to be considered when dealing with side effects resulting from double eyelid surgery. New double eyelid lines should be created after finding and solving the cause of the side effects. Sausage double eyelids can occur when the double eyelid line is excessively formed, when only the double eyelid line is corrected without addressing the blepharoptosis, or when there is insufficient fat on the eyelids.


    A new double eyelid line should be set according to the patient's eye shape and eye opening muscles when the double eyelid line is too high. It is possible to remove the skin between the existing double eyelid line and the target double eyelid line if there is enough room, but the problem arises if there is insufficient eyelid skin.



    Insufficient skin can't be removed, so you have to use a method such as picking two lines to lower the line while preserving the skin. By making an incision along the target double eyelid line, the existing double eyelid line is removed while the skin is preserved. Due to the complexity and difficulty of the surgical procedure, recurrence and scarring can only be reduced with technical expertise and experience.



    In the event that blepharoptosis is not corrected, revision surgery is performed to correct the eyelids. A solution in this case is simply to make the double eyelid line look smaller naturally by correcting the eyelids. If there is insufficient eyelid fat, the double eyelid line appears larger as the eyes are deep, so the symptoms may be improved by adding volume to the eyelids with filler and fat.



    Generally, revision blepharoplasty is recommended to be performed six months after the first surgery. It is because scarred skin needs to be soft to find the exact cause of the problem and improve its symptoms. You should, however, consult a physician immediately if you experience pain or side effects that make daily living difficult.


    Author: Dr. Hae-won Yang, Inique Plastic Surgery

    Source: Inique Plastic Surgery