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    ID Hospital (Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Dental)
    정보 테이블
    Medical fieldPlastic Surgery Certificate of healthcare provider for international patientsM-2009-01-03-0144
    Phone+82-2-3496-9783 Consultation Emaildoctor@idhospital.com
    Interpretation Languages Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic , Thai Homepagehttp://eng.idhospital.com/
    Operating time10:00~19:00 / Holiday : Sunday and public holiday
    Address ID Hospital, 142, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea  
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    Plastic Surgery > Facial contour > Bimaxillary surgery

    Plastic Surgery > Facial contour > Short chin

    Plastic Surgery > Facial contour > Lantern jaw

    Plastic Surgery > Facial contour > Zygoma reduction

    Plastic Surgery > Facial contour > Bimaxillary protrusion

    About clinic

    Established in 2004, about 500 medical staff including 38 hospital-level doctors work closely in ID Hospital to oversee and coordinate patients' care.
    ID Plastic Surgery is a hospital-level clinic having a polyclinic management system as well as is a leading ISO certification medical institute in size in Asian countries.

    Specialized Medical Dept

    Bimaxillary surgery, Double eyelid surgery, Nose surgery, Augmentation mammaplsty, Liposuction
    Facial contouring surgery, Tummy tuck, Anti-aging lifting surgery

    Medical Dept
    정보 테이블
    Name Inpatient Outpatient Cost Special Conditions
    Bimaxillary surgery 2days 2 weeks
    Double eyelid surgery unnecessary 3~7 days
    Nose surgery unnecessary 1 week
    Augmentation mammaplsty 1day 1 week
    Liposuction 1day 1 week
    정보 테이블
    Medical staff Operating rooms / Treatment rooms Available Anesthesiologist Availability of AED
    38 30 / 11 Y Y
    Background of Chief Director

    Director: Park Sang-hoon

    -Field: Double jaw surgery/ Maxillofacial contouring
    -Career: Plastic surgeon, M.D., Medical Advisor, Department of Plastic Surgery at the Seoul National University/ A full-time professor at Asan Medical Center, Ulsan University College of Medicine/ Director of Facial Deformities Center at Asan Medical Center / A professor at Dept. of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Seoul National University / Exchange professor at Dept. of Plastic Surgery, New York University / Exchange professor at UT Dallas, member of Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

    Medical Equipment

    ID Hospital has a High-tech Intelligent Building System.

    Aseptic Germ-Free Air Shower System
    ID Hospital provides thorough hygienic care system to each patient during the whole procedures.
    Patient safety will always be our #1 priority in any kinds of surgeries. 

    Self-Generating Power System
    ID Hospital has a self-generating power system in case of sudden blackouts
    which protects against power blackouts. Because of the high cost, most clinics do not have such systems in place, however ID Hospital operates such a system as part of our commitment to guarantee the safety of our patients.

     Fireproof Interior
    The entire floor of our hospital, including all our patients’ rooms, are fireproof.  

    Post-Surgery Recovery Rooms and Intensive Care Rooms
    The post-surgery recovery rooms and intensive care rooms are managed by nurses who are highly experienced from working at the ICU’s of prominent University hospitals, enhancing the quality and level of care.  

    ID’s Own Diagnostic System
    Most plastic surgery clinics conduct pre-operative laboratory tests, such as general blood tests, liver function tests, electrocardiograms, and chest X-rays, from outside vendors. However, ID Hospital conducts such pre-operative tests from within our facilities.  

    3-Dimensional CT (Computerized Tomography) for Precise Diagnosis
    It is hard to detect everything with a conventional X-ray examination. ID Hospital is fully set up with CT equipment and every patient undergoes 3D CT scanning before surgery to accurately check their condition.   


    Received national certification in Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety by the Ministry of Health & Welfare(MW) : 2016 Nov.
    Selected as an excellent medical tourism institution by the Ministry of Justice: November, 2016
    Selected as an excellent Hospital for attracting foreign patients: April, 2013

    Insurance Company & period

    Dental : Hyundai Marine and Fire Insurance/ Limit of Liability: KRW 100 million/ Insured: Park, Sanghoon. Plastic Surgery & Dermatology : Korea Medical Associaltion medical Indemnity Mutuals / KRW 200 million/ Insured: Park, Sanghoon

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