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HERSHE Plastic Surgery
  • TEL : +82 10 3420 4624

Medical field Plastic Surgery Certificate of healthcare provider for international patients M-2009-01-08-0137
Phone +82-2-511-7577 Consultation Email
Interpretation Languages Korean, English, Chinese, Russian Homepage
Operating time AM 9:00 ~ PM 18:00 / closed on holidays & Sundays
Address ChungDamDong,Gangnam-gu,48RubinaB/D 6,7F . 

Plastic Surgery > Liposuction / fat graft > Fat graft

Plastic Surgery > Breast > Augmentation Mammoplasty

Plastic Surgery > Anti-aging > Botulinum toxin

Plastic Surgery > Anti-aging > Fat graft

Plastic Surgery > Anti-aging > Stem cell

About clinic

Hershe Plastic Surgery & Dermatology is the first plastic clinic for Grand Prize winner of the National Health Industry Awards. We have rich clinical experiences and know-how over 27 years and pursue natural beauty. Focusing on cosmetic surgeries such as eye plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, facial contouring, and autologous fat transplantation, etc., we provide catered face-lifting and post-care programs based on the comprehensive anti-aging prescription, consultations, and various Hormone Replacement Therapies.
In recognition of the research outcomes for biotechnology development which are friendly to human, Hershe won the Grand Prize of the National Health Industry Awards for fourth consecutive years from 2013 to 2016.

Specialized Medical Dept

Lifting, Liposuction, Breast augmentation with fat grafting, Fat graft

Medical Dept
Name Inpatient Outpatient Cost Special
Lifting Unnecessary 7days 1200(USD)
Liposuction Unnecessary 7days 1200(USD)
Breast augmentation with fat grafting Unnecessary 7days 8000(USD)
Fat graft Unnecessary 5days 1500(USD)
Medical staff,Operating rooms / Treatment rooms,Available Anesthesiologist,Availability of AED
Medical staff Operating rooms / Treatment rooms Available Anesthesiologist Availability of AED
- - N N
Background of Chief Director


Medical Equipment

Venus, Accusculpt, Fraxel, Lasertoner, DermaQueen, IPL, Apogee, and Healite, etc.

Certifications(JCI etc.)


Insurance Company & period