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Dr. Sungshin

2019-08-28 09:40
Director Sung Sin

Dr. Sungshin, Oriental Medicine 

The science of Oriental Medicine has already been proven. Promoting excellence in Oriental Medicine will be the next task.

Medical Team Profile&Education
  • Current President of Soram Hospital
  • Current Professor of Oriental Medicine, Kyung Hee University
  • Current Director, Gangnam Welfare Foundation
  • Director of Donguigajok Oriental Medicine Clinic
  • Member of Korean Association of Traditional Oncology
  • Member of The Society of Korean Medicine Pain Control & Delivery System
  • Member of Society for Integrative Oncology
  • Graduated Kyung Hee University College of Oriental Medicine
  • Don't give in brain tumors or severe treatment. / ISBN 9788998965044
  • Lung cancer, speed is the answer. / ISBN 9788998965013

Number of foreign patients treated: 20+

27 yearsof experience (1992~)

Specialized procedure
  • Herbal Immune Cancer Treatment for Lung Cancer


Research Papers
  • Inhibitory effects of verrucarin A on tunicamycin-induced ER stress in FaO rat Liver cells
  • Case of complete remission of breast cancer metastasized to lung treated by traditional korean therapy
  • A case of stage IV non-small cancer treated by Korean medicine therapy alone
  • A case of inoperable klatskin tumor showing response to wild ginseng phamacopuncture
  • Improved Case of Recurred and Metastatic Ascending Colon Cancer by Combination of Oriental Medical Therapy and FOLFIRI Chemotherapy


In my opinion, when treating a patient, the doctor's mission is to make the patient better and more comfortable with both, oriental and western medicine.


1. What would be the first thing to do as a doctor and not as an oriental medicine doctor?

"I would call it a sin if you don't treat patients well because of lack of medical knowledge."

"There is No excuse for not knowing. It is unforgiven."

"Therefore, learn and learn some more. When you open your ears and communicate, there is always a way."


2. What to expect from medical staff

A constant communication with juniors is the first thing to do: "Do not ignore the manual."

Second, "Become a warm-hearted doctor."

I keep these two both.


3. The doctor's conscience is to "find all possible alternatives for the patient."

Many people worry about treating cancer with oriental medicine.

Soram Oriental Medicine Hospital treats cancer in both ways. All medical staff are working vehemently to find the best possible treatment for patients.


The science of Oriental Medicine has already been proven. Promoting excellence in Oriental Medicine will be the next task.

Director of Sungshin Oriental Medicine Hospital

Chinese medicine has been responsible for the health of the Korean people for thousands of years, however,it is still often misunderstood as unscientific. Is Oriental Medicine Unscientific? In conclusion, it's not. The dictionary defines 'science' as 'the system of knowledge obtained in verifiable ways'.


Oriental Medicine is a unique medicine that has been verified after 5000 years of history in Korea. Oriental Medicine thinks that the changes in the natural world are the same as the physiological changes in the human body, the idea of ​​'Cheonin unity', and 'chimi disease' which emphasizes in the pre-emergence rather than treatment after the disease occurs. It is a study that suggests solutions to our bodies based on ideas.


For example, people who often have diarrhea due to coldness of the stomach, often relieve their symptoms just by taking a medicine that warms their stomach or by treating them with acupuncture and moxibustion. Solving problems caused by cold is a common sense and scientific way. There are many studies related to Oriental Medicine. Thanks to this research, much of Oriental Medicine is being scientifically proven.


I am a doctor of Oriental Medicine who has studied Oriental Medicine for a lifetime. The hospital I run now has a wide range of academic research activities aimed at making all medical staff the best experts in cancer.


Last year, we opened an institute of Oriental Medicine to conduct research to verify the safety of herbal medicines. There is still along way to goin restoring the trust in people by presenting scientific evidence to some who still have doubts in Oriental Medicine.


The obtained clinical results of Oriental Medicine research are published in international journals and serve to inform the world of the superiority and science behind the Oriental Medicine. In June, 'EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing', an international journal of international authority (SCI) is published, 'A Case Report of Korean and Western Combination Therapy for Liver Cancer Patients with Pulmonary Metastasis.' was recognized for its excellence. The paper contains the results of years of exploration of the effects of herbal immunotherapy on human immune cells.


The Oriental medical community is focusing on constantly researching and demonstrating therapies optimized for the patient's temperament, constitution and lifestyle. The clinic combines oriental and bi-therapy for patients suffering from chemotherapy after cancer surgery. Patient-centered immunotherapy has been well received by both the field of Oriental Medicine and the patients.


"The Oriental Medicine community, including myself, will continue to try to demonstrate and spread the excellence of Oriental Medicine. Oriental Medicine doctors should not neglect herbal medicine research to build scientific Oriental Medicine that patients can trust. We have a mission to test and prove Korean medicine, the product of wisdom left by our ancestors.”

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