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Director of the Good Life Dental Hospital

Dr. Lee, Sangmin

2019-06-13 16:24
Director yyw

Director of the Hospital

Dr. Lee, Sangmin

Career and Education
  • Advanced General Dentistry Specialist, Ministry of Health and Welfare (will attain in 2019.09)
  • Yeonsei University of Dental Medicine
  • Yonsei University Graduate School of Dentistry (Master’s degree)
  • Yonsei University Graduate School of Dentistry (Doctor’s degree)
  • Completed Advanced Clinical Programs in General Dentistry (Advanced General Dentistry)
  • The Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine, Master's Degree (Medical Management)
  • Visiting Program Student, Prosthodontics at Harvard University, USA (2007)
  • Completed Full Mouth Prosthetic course at Harvard University, USA (2010)
  • Completed the Periodontology and Implant Therapy course at Harvard University (2014)
  • Completed the Diagnostic course at the John Kois center, Seattle, USA
  • Full member at the Korean Academy of Prosthodontics
  • Lifetime member at the Korean Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology
  • Lifetime member at the Korean Academy of Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine
  • Promoter of The Korean Academy of Microscope Dentistry
  • Full member & member of board of directors at the Korean Academy of Geriatric Dentistry
  • Yonsei University College of Dentistry Adjunct Professor (2014 to Present)
  • Straumann Implant Advisor and Course Director
  • Swiss Plus Implant Advisor
  • Osstem Implant Advisor and Courses faculty
  • Megagen Implant Advisors and Course Directors
  • Present) Director at Good Life Dental Hospital

Major Practice Areas

1. Full mouth rehabilitation

- A treatment that produces an implant-supported prosthesis resembling natural teeth through a guide, a gum implant, a bone implant, and an implant surgery for patients with few teeth.

- We will do our best for the best results with our surgical guide designed by the operating director, gingival transplantation performed by the periodontal specialist certified in America, and treatments operated by 3 different professional divisions.

2. Dental Implant Therapy

- With Straumann, the world's No.1 implant company, the Good Life Dental Hospital which has high operative skills co-hosted the International Implant Course

-Specialized center for Implant which can provide various treatment options according to patient's condition and situation with diverse lineups including Straumann, Osstem, Megagen, and I Do

- Good Life Dental Hospital teaches implants to other dentists

3. Aesthetic Orthodontic Treatment

- Provides a careful cleaning check program approved by the Invisalign head office

- One of the representative hospitals in Gangnam with special know-how and more than 1000 cases of orthodontic treatment annually

- Smile line orthodontic treatment which is thoughtfully designed for patient's smile. (Orthodontic paradigm centered on soft tissue)

Good Life Dental Hospital Introduction

The Good Life Dental Hospital is located in a cheese-shaped landmark building in the heart of Seoul, Gangnam. By sharing the same value: “good treatment for a good life”, experts in prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, conservative dentistry, and advanced general dentistry, etc. are working hard to provide a faster, more accurate professional treatment compared to university hospitals.

A Good Life: Good Life Dental Hospital’s Philosophy

The Good Life Dental Hospital is a Hospital where we care not only about the treatment but the patient’s life after the treatment.

Regardless of the difficulty of the situation, we preserve and provide the correct treatment that the patient needs. What the Good Life Dental Hospital believes as a right treatment, is a treatment that is correct despites difficulties and a treatment that protecting the worth of one’s teeth.

Good people have gathered to provide good treatment. We provide good treatment for a good life of the patient.

Good people, good life. This is Good Life Dental Hospital.

The Good Life Dental Hospital has 4 strengths

Firstly, we are a hospital level medical institution, and therefore mandatorily as well as voluntarily have a stricter, higher level sterilization facilities and treatment facilities compared to clinic level medical institutions. To minimize cross-contamination, we have a multi-level sterilization system in place, and thoroughly control infection through mandatory use of single-use products. We are proud to present our strict disinfection system, which our staff can trust to bring their parents for treatments.

Secondly, we would like to boast our painless anesthesia system which minimizes pain. We have topical anesthesia, painless anesthesia, as well as general anesthesia systems in place which reduce the patient’s anxiety and worries, and have various non-painful treatment programs for a correct treatment. We pursue treatment that takes the patient’s discomfort into consideration, and one that is faithful to the basics, and this is the beginning of a pain free anesthesia.

And thirdly, trustworthy, cutting-edge equipments are ready. A high-resolution, low exposure SMART 3D CBCT, microscope absolutely necessary for a high success rate in dental nerve treatment, oral camera to see patient's mouth condition directly, Trios3 of 3 Shape company that provides the highest level of precision, and Carestream's CS3600 Oral Scanner. With the high-end equipments we provide, we promise you a higher level of medical care by filling the shortage of human ability.

Fourthly, our medical treatment is done only by professional medical staff and dental hygienists. We promise better treatments and results with specialist medical staff with more than 10 years of experience in prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontal care, conservation, and integrated medical treatment. In addition, the clinic staff consists only of dental hygienists who have graduated from a Dental Hygienics college, and we promise systematic medical treatment with clear division of labor. It is not a medical practice where one doctor is good at everything but rather a highly specialized department medical treatment system, where medical professionals of their specializations provide a more enhanced and specialized treatment. This is the core value that Good Life Dental Hospital provides.

Good Life Dental Hospital is a hospital that practices sharing.

Good Life Dental Hospital practically carries out sharing through regular sponsorship under the value of 'Good Life Together'.

Together with nonprofit social welfare organizations such as the Green Umbrella Foundation and Children Walking Together, we provide free of charge treatment to children who need support and care. We provide medical sharing with the church community of Russian residing in Korea and Wooridul School. We do medical ministry with Cambodia, Myanmar, and other missionaries.

We have been conducting regular volunteer activities and patient care since 2007 at the Northern Social Welfare Center in Nowon-gu.

A good life together. Good Life Dental Hospital will build it together.

Patients of Good Life Dental Hospital come from all over the world.

Patients from 17 different countries (as of 2018): China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan, as well as CIS countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan, Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are visiting us for good medical care at the Good Life Dental Hospital. In addition, embassy staff from various countries visit our dentists for medical treatment, and the satisfaction and trust of the foreign patients have in the Good life Dental hospital is high.

Good Life Dental Hospital’s medical team has established local branch offices in China, Vietnam and Uzbekistan. We have also found cooperative dental clinics to implement regular cooperative care and encourage the mutual growth of the local healthcare.

Additionally, we run the Good Life Dental Academy with a variety of educational programs where we focus on teaching as well as learning, in order to become a researching hospital, as well as a hospital that puts in effort to train younger students. Moreover, through the overseas medical staff talent training program, we are able to pass on our exclusive medical know-how of the Good Life Dental Hospital to the overseas medical staff, regarding implant surgery, jaw joint treatment and orthodontic treatment.

Beyond Korea and into the world. It is already in progress for Good Life Dental Hospital. In the center of South Korea, in the middle of Gangnam, we will represent Korea's dental care. We will lead the world's dental care and grow together.

Good care of good people.

Good care for a good life

This is Good Life Dental Hospital.