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CDC, Children's Dental Center

Justin J.C. Lee, DDS, PhD

2018-11-05 15:40
Director jcl

As a special space for children’s dental care, we will do our best to give children dream and hope and to be a pleasant and efficient hospital.

CDC, Children's Dental Center - Justin J.C. Lee, DDS, PhD

CDC Children's Dental Center
  • 1992 Opened the first dental clinic for children in Korea
  • 1998 Introduced Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Cooperative Care / EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
  • 2001 Moved to a exclusive dental building at 70-15 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu / 40,000 of the cumulative number of patient
  • 2004 Established CDC Clinical Pediatric Dental Research Institute / Launched the 1st CDC branch network of Haeundae
  • 2005 Promoted to the first pediatric dentistry hospital / Hosted the 1st CDC Open Seminar / Opened CDC Academy
  • 2008 Established CDC Stem Cell Bank / Introduced CT (Computed Tomography)
  • 2010 Selected as an Excellent Organization for demonstration evaluation of dental medical institutions / Designated as a facilitator of foreign patients by Gangnam-gu
  • 2011 the first hospital advanced in India in medical field / an evaluand on Pilot study of Dental care accreditation
  • 2013 Selected as a hospital for Global Overseas Advancement Support Project by the Ministry of Health and Welfare / Held a Familiarization tour for Dental Medical Staffs of the World
  • 2014 Won Bio & Medical Healthcare Industry Global Award (Korean Medical Overseas Awareness Division) / Received Excellence Award in Medical Tourism services in Korea

    (President of the Korea Tourism Organization) / Acquired Dental Hospital Accreditation for the first in the office practice (in dental clinics).

  • 2015 Offered Opened courses about Natural Growth Correction
  • 2018 Won Excellent Institution Award by Gangnam-gu Medical Tourism Association

    Approximately 90,000 of the cumulative number of patients / 9 branches in Korea & 1 in India

  • 1992 Head of Seoul Children's Dental Center
  • 1995 Associate Professor at Dept of Pediatric Dentisty, Seoul National University
  • 2010 Director of Boards of Pediatric Dentistry Association of Asia
  • 2013 Vice President of Korean Association of Pediatric Dentistry
  • 2014 Committee Member of International Association of Pediatric Dentistry
  • 2017 President of Korean Association for disability and Oral Health

    President of Korean Academy of Craniofacial Growth Guidance

Research and Presentation
  • 2018. 10 Poster presentation “Correction of Open Bite with Orthotropic Concept” and “A Case of RAMPA Therapy of Ectopic Canines” JACG, Japan
  • 2018. 09 Coauthor of the textbook of Pediatric Dentistry by Shoba Tendon “ Semi-permenent Restoration : Stainless Steel Crown” India
  • 2018. 04 Poster presentation “Correction of open bite with Orthotopic concept” KAPD annual meeting in Seoul, Korea
  • 2017.10 Invited Speaker “Changes in Private Pediatric Dental over the last years. A view from Asia” IAPD, Chile
  • 2017.10 Invited Speaker “The Present and Future of Disability and Oral Health in Korea” JADH, Japan
  • 2017. 09 Special lecture “Pediatric Dentist” Korean Pediatric Association, Korea
  • 2017.09 Invited Speaker “Orthotropics, Reading Children’s Face” ISPPD, Chennai, India
  • 2016.11 Invited Speaker “Restorative strategies for Early Childhood Caries” Centre for Dental Education and Research all India Institute of Medical Science, India
  • 2016.10 Poster presentation “Modifying growth pattern of Skeletal Class 3 Children with Rampa System” The 5th Japan Association of Cranio-Orofacial Growth Guidance
  • 2015. 05 Invited Speaker “Reading Children’s Face” SDA, Seoul, Korea
  • 2015. 04 Special lecture “Pediatric obstructive sleep apnea and the critical role of oral-facial growth” KAPD annual meeting in Seoul, Korea




  • 1997 Poster "Focus on Erupting First Molars" FDI Conference in Seoul, Korea
  • 1996 Oral Presentation "Behavioral Management in Pediatric Dentistry" SDA(Seoul Dental Association) Annual Meeting in Seoul. Korea
  • 1995 Article "The Influence of Trauma to the Primary Teeth on their Permanent successors" Journal of Dental College Vol.19,No.1,1995
  • 1991 Article "An Epidemiologic Study of the Risk Factors for Malocclusion in the Late Primary Dentition" Journal of the Korean Dentistry Vol.30,No.5,1991

Major Practice Areas
  • 1. CAMBRA, Caries Management by Risk Assessment
    • Customized care is available based on the individualized cardiogram and plaque check..
    • By computerizing medical information at all times, objective clinical evaluation is possible.
  • 2. Minimal Invasion Treatment
    • If medical care needed, we do our best to protect your healthy teeth area.
    • Using high-tech equipments, the decayed area will be precisely detected and removed.
    • We try to keep teeth alive as long as possible without dental pulp treatment (root canal treatment).
    • Accurate endodontic treatment using a micro-optical microscope - We combine dentistry and modern technology to provide more detailed and high-quality medical care services. Using a micro-optical microscope, the area of ​​the cavity can be clearly identified, so it enables to minimize a tooth removal and to reduce the number of procedures. In addition, it will be very useful for in-depth treatments in a case like when the neural canal is obstructed in the middle of endodontic treatments or for a surgery of the tip of a root, or fine cracks of the teeth.
  • 3. Safe Conscious Sedation
    • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) inhalation and other medicines can be used in the treatments to relieve the anxiety and fear that children might feel about dental care. By offering comfortable treatments to children, it allows safe and good quality of care as well as to shorten dental visit.
    • In principle, we focus on comforting patients, but if they are too young or are not able to cooperate for treatment, sedation will be used.
    • Guardians can stay with a patient during sedation.
    • Only a proven sedative will be used with a through monitoring while using sedatives( Puls oximeter and Capnogram).
  • 4. BIOBLOC Orthotropics

    In CDC, orthodontic treatment is performed to induce harmonious facial growth by finding the fundamental problem rather than simply having alignment of the teeth. This method of treatment will be helpful for harmonious growth of a face, for better breathing as well as for better quality of sleeping by expanding the airway. Children having too flattened area under the eyes, or having a longer face, or showing too much gum while opening their mouth, or having little jaws should have a consultation with a dentist before the age of 6 or 7.

  • 5. RAMPA

    RAMPA is a new concept of facial growth treatment that uses devices to expand the dental arches and airways for children or adolescents whose facial growth has not been completed. This enables to breathe through the nose and leads to the upper jaw to grow forward, as a result it secures enough space for teeth growing evenly. Therefore, this treatment helps the teeth to grow properly without extraction or surgery, and it will be helpful to have well formed face contours at the same time.


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