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Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr. Hyun-Ki ROH

2018-07-26 18:07
Director ksh

S-PLANT Dental Hospital is an orchestra. Expert physicians play harmonies for dental health.

Dr. Hyun-Ki ROH, Doctor of Dental Medicine, Seoul National University (Prosthodontia)

Level of Education
  • Graduated from Seoul National University College of Dentistry
  • Internship/resident training from Seoul National University Department of Dentistry
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine, Seoul National University (Prosthodontia)

  • Former professor, Department of Prosthodontics, Dental Hospital, Seoul National University
  • Former Chief professor of dentistry, Hanil General Hospital

  • Active regular member of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics
  • Active regular member of Korean Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Implantology
  • Active regular member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Active regular member of European Association for Osseointegration
  • Astra implants (Astra Tech) Key Doctor
  • Dentium Co., Ltd. Key Opinion Leader
  • US Anatomage Inc. Clinical consultation

Specialized in
  • Primary Care Dental Implant, Prosthetics, Cavities, Neurological Treatment, Whitening, Aesthetic Prosthesis, Calibration
  • Major specialization dental implants (whole skin, esthetics (front teeth), same day, anatonia guide)
  • Medical Equipment Status Germany KAVO 3D Exam CT, Danish 3Shape 3D Oral Scanner, Germany Dentsply Sirona Cerec CAD / CAM, Leica Microscope Microscope Microscope etc.
  • Facilities sterile operating room, air shower, digital laboratory, aromatherapy room, etc.


S-PLANT Dental Hospital is an orchestra.

Expert physicians play harmonies for dental health.

Although skin colours or languages vary, the world is commonly agrees that dental health is considered to be one of the five happiness. Healthy teeth are a basic element for anyone living a happy life these days, especially in their age of 100. S-PLANT Dental Hospital increased patient satisfaction with digital dental science treatment according to the establishment idea of ​​"patient-centered hospital". All six medical staff members, including Hyun Ki Kwon, director of S-PLANT Dental Hospital, are from Seoul National University and are experts in prosthetics, implants, orthodontics, and conservation. Six medical staffs treat through a collaborative system, and the fully equipped 'Dream Team' of 80 staff members, boasts university hospital skills. Particularly in the field of implant, since its opening, it has achieved a remarkable achievement of more than 30,000 procedures. Once the implant surgery is under way, the dentist's primary care physician provides regular follow-up care and patient-specific treatment services, resulting in a high level of patient satisfaction.

Dreaming the dream of dental hospital visited by the whole world.

S-PLANT Dental Hospital's first cooperative system was the benchmark of the 'Malo clinic' in Europe. The Malo Clinic was noticed in the early days of the opening of the clinic, but it was called 'Dream Dental Hospital' because of its advanced dental technology and high quality medical service. At that time, Dr. Roh, the hospital director, thought that a professional dental clinic recognized in the world would be needed in Korea as well as Malo Clinic.

"Since the days of Seoul National University College of Dentistry, six of us as medical staff members who have been trained together under the same teacher, now have been joined together as co - directors. After that, we are slowly moving toward the patient-centered dental clinic we were dreaming about. "

Dr. Roh, the director of the hospital, recalled that he and the doctors had opened S-PLANT Dental Hospital to provide optimal cooperative treatment with the best use of specialized expertise which none of the each hospital of their own could provide.

Digitized Future Dental Hospital, Striving to Make Dream Dental Hospital.

We have taken in various latest equipment to make 'dream hospital'. With the advanced dental 3D CT and computer programs most commonly used in hospitals around the world, we aim to successfully perform personalized care for individual patients. In addition, advanced digital medical equipment such as 3D mouth scanner, CAD / CAM, and the most appropriate treatment for every and each patient provide the safe medical system that minimizes side effects. Moreover, at the imte of anesthesia in the sleep, an anesthesiologist, equipped with a MAC system (Monitored Anesthesia Care) that checks the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen partial pressure, etc,. is prepared to take a good care and reacts in emergency in a quick manner.

Minimizeing the inconvenience of overseas patients by shortening the operation time and recovery period by the introduction of digital technology.

Recently, as more and more people are having implants, domestic implant technology has become more diverse and developed. An example is the "Anatomage Guided Surgery" of the Esplanit Dental Hospital, which has been evaluated as having outstanding results in implant surgery. In cooperation with the directors of S-PLANT Dental Hospital and Anatomage America, the operation is first diagnosed precisely on the patient's jawbone, neural tube, and teeth through three-dimensional computed tomography (CT) to determine the angle at which the implant is implanted and how deep the implant is to determine the optimal surgical plan for the patient. The most important feature of this technique is that the virtual implant surgery is performed several times on the computer to find the optimum result, so that the implant can be placed at the correct angle at the correct position, thus achieving a high success rate. In addition, another thing that overseas patients are happy about is that since the surgical result is known before planted, the incision of the gums is minimized, and unnecessary bone grafting is not performed.

"In the existing implant surgery, it took a long time for the gum to be cut once it was restored. In addition, it was difficult to implant the implant with the optimal angle and depth, so the failure rate was high. With the introduction of digital technology, accurate diagnosis and treatment planning has become possible without having to look at the condition of the gums in the naked eye. "

From the heart of S-PLANT Dental Hospital, beyond Korea, and to the whole Asia.

If do not just think about the dream, but dream and practice, I believe that a world-class dental hospital will be born in Korea. Currently, patients from various countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Japan, Hong Kong and USA are looking for S-PLANT Dental Hospital and sometimes I get ‘Gam-sa-hap-ni-da.’ from patients overseas at a foreign hospital and at those moments I feel that the whole world tends to be touched by the impression that it leads to one. I will continue to paint my precious dreams today and tomorrow so that the six directors, including me, and S-PLANT Dental Hospital become hope of every patient all over the world.


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