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Director. Bae, Junseok

2017-10-26 20:44
Director bjs

Director Bae, Junseok

  • Director of Gangnam Wooridul Hospital
  • Chairman of the Social Contribution Commission
  • Director of Wooridul Research Center of Gangnam Wooridul Hospital
  • Former Section Chief of Neurosurgery at Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center Pocheon Hospital

Academic Background
  • Guest Researcher Fellow at University of California
  • Completed Wooridul Hospital’s fellowship
  • Completed Neurosurgery internship and residentship at Asan Medical Center Seoul
  • Neurosurgery specialist at Asan Medical Center Seoul
  • Acquired master’s degree of Neurosurgery at University of Ulsan
  • Graduated at Kyungpook National University Medical University
  • FABMISS (Fellows of the American Board of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery)
  • Best Paper Award at SMISS (2016)
  • Wooridul Hospital Innovation Awards (2011)
  • Wooridul Hospital Best Full-time Scholar (2010)

Field of Interest

Spine deformity surgery Minimally invasive spinal surgery (Full-endoscopic discectomy in lumbar and cervical spine, anterior/ posterior foraminotomy in cervical spine, MIS TLIF, XLIF, OLIF)

Academic Activity
  • Full member at NASS (The North American Spine Society)
  • Full member at the Korean Neurosurgical Society
  • Full member at the Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Society
  • Full member at the Korean Society of Interventional Muscle and Soft Tissue Stimulation Therapy
  • Committee at the Korean Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Society
  • The Korean Society of Spine Surgery

About Wooridul Hospital

Established in 1982, Wooridul Hospital has been a well known spondylic specialist nationwide for 30 years. Wooridul Hospital has provided various minimum invasive surgical procedures and surgeries and also non-operative treatments for patients to be freed from their spondylopathy and pain and get back to normal life. The most important reason to be able to possess and disseminate the world class spondylography has come from the unstinted investments for the academic researches and education. Up until the recent days, Wooridul has listed 304 SCI class papers and other 766 papers including 78 of medical textbooks and papers listed in various journals and medical related books.

Wooridul has ‘MISS: Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery provided’ and long term education programs and more, to vertebra specialists both nationwide and worldwide. Over 490 vertebra specialists from 47 different countries such as U.S., U.K., China, and Japan, have learnt from Wooridul Hospital’s medical technique of spinal cord injury and have been widely performing in their own countries while they send patients with a high level of operation.

Wooridul Hospital insists with 5 step procedures of accurate inspection process to provide the most appropriate approach for patients: conservative treatments as progress observation, injection, physical therapy and therapeutic exercise followed by rather offensive non-operative treatments as spondylotherapy, neuroplasty, or neurolysis. Then limited to the irresponsive patients, Wooridul moves on to the selectively spinal surgery. The principle of phased and all-around spinal treatment has been kept ever since.

Wooridul applies the principle of minimum invasive surgery to expect the fast recovery of patients with minimum cuts and to protect the undamaged tissues, not only in spinal treatments but as well as in arthropathy treatments. To help patients’ fast return to their daily life, comprehensive treatments, like physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, and medicine treatment are provided before and after surgery.

In the year of 2006 when there was no complete charge department for foreigner patients in the country, Wooridul founded the WIPC (Wooridul International Patient Center) to meet the increasing trend and had full charge coordinators always ready to manage and provide one-stop service from patients’ medical treatment consultation, to entering the country, treatments, leaving the country, then to follow up management. Moreover, the website with 6 languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian has been built to response to inquiries real time.


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