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Director Choi Woo Jung

2019-01-09 11:50
Director Choi Woo Jung

Director Choi Woo Jung, Specialist in Traditional Korean Medicine

Professional Field: Korean Medicine Cosmetic (regenerative acupuncture /cosmetic acupuncture), Diet, Prenatal &Postnatal medical care, Female Diseases (menstrual irregularity, cold hypersensitivity, infertility,sterility, menopause), Dyspepsia, Boosting Immunity, Improvement of chronic fatigue, Rhinitis/Allergy,Growth/ Examinees Care

Medical Team Profile
  • Medical Doctor of Korean Medicine at Wonkwang University
  • A full member of The Society of Korean Medicine
  • A full member of The Society of Internal Korean Medicine
  • A full member of Korea Immuno-Yakchim Society
  • A full member of The Society of Korean Medicine Obstetrics & Gynecology

Research Papers
  • Clinical Study on the Effect of Regenerative Acupuncture on Wrinkles and Eye Wrinkles (eCAM Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine)
  • Survey Study for Correlation Analysis of Menstrual Syndrome Related Factors
  • Clinical Reports of 2 Cases of Secondary Amenorrhea due to Autoimmune Disease and Thyroid Disease
  • Clinical Report of a Case of Primary Infertility due to Single Uterus
  • Clinical Report of a Case of Infertile Male and Female Failed in IVF
  • Effects of Plastic Acupuncture on Wrinkles, Melanin, Flush and Water Content
  • A Case of Postpartum Depression Treated with Horminis Placenta Acupuncture


When did the oriental aesthetic treatment begin?

It has been a little over a decade since the introduction of Oriental Beauty, and aesthetic treatment using acupuncture has been introduced in foreign countries as another version of Korean Wave. Oriental aesthetic treatments are becoming popular among females who want natural and professional beauty care.

What is this Kwangdong Aesthetic Acupuncture, which has recently become an issue among beauty people

Kwangdong Aesthetic Acupuncture is a cosmetic procedure using only acupuncture without surgical operation or injection. It stimulates acupuncture points and muscles of the face to smooth the communication of meridians, and promotes blood circulation, thereby improving stretching elasticity, cleansing skin tone, and slowing the aging of the face. Aesthetic acupuncture is effective for lifting, skin tone improvement, trouble improvement, facial reduction and asymmetry improvement in the cosmetic aspect. It is effective not only in terms of beauty but also in therapeutic aspect. It helps to manage headache, swelling, eye fatigue or trembling, facial nerve palsy, swelling after plastic surgery. The beauty of acupuncture is that it does not have anesthesia, surgery, artificial implants or drug injections, so it has no side effects and it is possible to instantly return to everyday life after the treatment.

Is there more effective treatment than Kwangdong Aesthetic Acupuncture?

Aesthetic acupuncture is a treatment that helps improve lifting and elasticity, but more effective treatment is the Kwangdong Regenerative Acupuncture. Kwangdong Regenerative Acupuncture stimulates all facial skin cells more precisely than the aesthetic acupuncture to promote the natural regeneration, restoration and production of collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the dermis layer to improve wrinkles, reduce pores, and improves the scars. It is also effective to create a facial asymmetric correction and V-line by a unique pentacle center incision that stimulates the fat and muscle layers. The advantage of Kwangdong Regenerative Acupuncture is that it has no side effects and that the patients can instantly return to everyday life.

What is Ohaeng (Five Elements) Center of Kwangdong Oriental Hospital?

Ohaeng Center is a prestige clinic where patients can receive treatment in a private space. Treatments such as immunity enhancement, chronic fatigue improvement, female disease, oriental beauty and oriental diet are available. Kwangdong Oriental Hospital’s Ohaeng Center attracts many foreign patients, in particular. 1,500 foreign patients from Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Arab, Russia and the United States are visiting every year.


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