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Endocrinology Department

Professor Won-Geun Park

2017-06-20 12:25
Professor Won-Geun Park

The Leading Specialist in Treating Endocrine Disorders

Professor Won-Geun Park of Chaum Endocrinology Department

Specialty: Diabetes, Menopause, Osteoporosis, Thyroid Disease and Other Endocrine Disorders

Degree and Career
  • Chief of Chaum Outpatient Department
  • Director of Metabolic Syndrome Center
  • Doctor of Medicine in Kyung Hee University Medical School
  • Former professor at Sungkyunkwan University Medical School
  • Former exchange professor at Johns Hopkins University
  • Current member of American Diabetes Association

Domestic & Overseas Academic Activities
  • Member of Korean Diabetes Association
  • Member of Korean Endocrinology Academy
  • Member of American Diabetes Association
  • Member of the Korean Association of Internal Medicine


The Truths and Misunderstandings about 'Hormone Therapy' for Menopausal Women

It is natural for menopause to come when you get older. Though, it is not so easy to accept your own image of losing the youth. Women in particular have a combination of severe menopausal depression and a variety of female diseases. Professor Won-Geun Park emphasized, ‘This can be overcome with the help of a specialist, and the public's misperception about hormone therapy should be corrected first.’ 'In fact, hormone therapy in menopausal women is not related to the incidence of breast cancer in estrogen monotherapy. The combination of estrogen and progesterone is known to have a statistically high incidence, but it is insignificant. Rather, it is an effective treatment that decreases the incidence of colorectal cancer and for osteoporosis, and improving the quality of life by increasing the average survival rate,’ Doctor Park stated. ‘However, if a pre-test such as hormone test or osteoporosis test before using female hormones, and a proper hormone medication suitable for the patient is used during periodic test, pains and complications caused by menopausal disorders can be prevented,’ he added.

Continuous Research Aimed at the Best in the Endocrinology Field

The endocrine medicine department of Kangnam Cha Hospital aims to be the best in Korea in osteoporosis and gestational diabetes research. Accordingly, treatment and research on thyroid diseases related to pregnancy and menopausal diseases after menopause are actively under way. Currently Professor Won-Geun Park of Endocrinology and Internal Medicine, Kangnam Cha Hospital is a member of diverse academic societies such as the Diabetes Academy, Endocrinology Academy, Korean Internal Medicine Association, and American Diabetes Association. He is particularly passionate about the combination of basic medicine and clinical medicine, which can be effectively applied to patient care through studies and collaborative systems with other medical departments.

A Doctor Who is Faithful to Principles and Medical Practice

Professor Won-Geun Park, who answers ‘patient’ without hesitation when asked about the most rewarding moment or the most valuable thing in his life, always treats patients like his own family. For this reason, one may sometimes see the patients who do not properly take their medication or who disregard the advice of the doctor are sharply scolded by Doctor Park. You can feel that he is not a doctor who speaks only words or looks kind, but his intrinsic nature that he really cares about his patients. Therefore, the patients who have been treated by Professor Won-Geun Park for a long time proudly trust him as a doctor. He believes that the basis of medical care today is to heal patients' illnesses and to give them heart-wringing hope and trust.


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