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Director Sang-Jun Lee

2017-05-19 16:39
Director Sang-Jun Lee

Korea's leading dermatology department, created by research and passion

Director Sang-Jun Lee of Ana Dermatologic Clinic

Education & Major Experience
  • Graduated from Kyunghee University School of Medicine
  • Visiting professor at Kyunghee University Medical School
  • Vice President of Korea International Medical Association
  • President of National Global Medical Tourism Association
  • Vice President of Gangnam-gu Medical Tourism Association

Education & Major Experience
  • Major specialization status: acne/acne scar treatment, specially designed melting thread lifting with laser, Botox/filler with no resistance, Double Pore Care, Triple Spot Removal, S-fit Laser Fat Removal

Ana Dermatologic Clinic’s SCI Theses
  • 2 year old joint after Sculptra Aesthetic
  • Wrinkle elasticity treatment using high frequency and ultrasound
  • Skin changes after Refine Treatment
  • Pore shrinkage treatment using Refine Laser
  • Wrinkle treatment using Doublo
  • Lifting treatment with melting thread
  • Hyperhidrosis treatment with miraDry
  • Skin change after Thermage treatment
  • Stretchmark treatment with Legato and PRP
  • Skin aging treatment using PRP
  • Acne treatment using air pressure
  • Resilience treatment using Thermage
  • Wrinkle treatment with Ulcera
  • Stretchmark treatment
  • Pores treatment using Affinite


Main Medical Treatments and Procedures

Major specialization status: acne/acne scar treatment, specially designed melting thread lifting with laser, Botox/filler with no resistance, Double Pore Care, Triple Spot Removal, S-fit Laser Fat Removal

Continuous research in the field of dermatology – Annual announcements of clinical research in domestic and international journals!

"Skin aging treatment due to aging is a trend of the times, and it will be the concern of the whole world regardless of gender and age. I will continue to study effective wrinkle treatments until the day when people can instantly think of Korea when they hear wrinkle treatment comes."

Director Sang-Jun Lee of Ana Dermatologic Clinic is a unique and dominant being in the area of dermatology. He has always tried to find new treatments to help his patients. Take wrinkle treatment as an example. In 2003, the third year since the clinic was opened, he has introduced the Thermage wrinkle treatment to Korea, which is the first way to treat wrinkles without laser surgery. At that time, surgical treatment was the main method of wrinkle treatment, such as peeling surgery using chemicals, or facial elevation to incise the skin and remove wrinkles. While he was considering how to treat wrinkles without surgery, he learned about the Thermage treatment that is being performed in foreign countries. Thermage treatment is the first method of laser wrinkle treatment without surgery. It uses high frequencies to treat wrinkles by transferring powerful heat from deep into the dermis to the subcutaneous fat layer. Many doctors were skeptical about this treatment at the time, but Director Lee was confident of this wrinkle treatment. It was just as he has predicted. Now, Thermage wrinkle treatment has become popular. Since then, Ana Dermatologic Clinic has been famous for publishing SCI-grade theses related to Thermage. Director Lee Sang-Jun is always in a position to study to get the best treatment. There are about 20 SCI papers he has published so far. At least every two months, he holds a seminar for each branch director to discuss the latest treatments, no matter how busy he is.

Leading medical tourism in Korea – One-to-one staff guidance for foreign patient, from reservation to departure.

Call center for foreigners in operation – Follow-up management post-operative satisfaction and discomfort management also thoroughly done by e-mail and telephone.

Hundreds of patients each year from the beginning of medical tourism to the present day are visiting Korea to receive the treatment of Director Lee Sang-Jun. Overseas patients visiting Ana Dermatologic Clinic range from Asia to the Middle East and Europe. Foreign tourists, who used to visit the hospital mainly through travel agencies, now search and book for themselves at our website. This shows that Ana Dermatologic Clinic is at the heart of medical tourism.

The foundation of this accomplishment was the foresight of Director Lee Sang-Jun. He has been trying to attract foreign patients since the early 2000s, when medical tourism was attracting attention as a high value-added industry. First of all, after identifying the geographical characteristics of Korea, which is close to 60 cities with a population of more than 1 million people within the range of 3 hours flying distance including Far East Russia, China, Japan, and Mongolia, Director Lee pioneered the Korean skin care market by circulating 25 cities over 100 times. He, who strolled overseas like nomads without hesitation, was at the forefront of Korea medical tourism, before he realized.

Currently, Ana Dermatologic Clinic provides staff guidance in Japanese, Chinese and Russian, guiding patients one-to-one, from the time of their appointment to their departure. A call center for foreigners and the website in Japanese, Chinese, English and Russian are in operation, so consultations and reservations by telephone or internet became available from where they are. Immediately after returning to their countries after receiving the procedure, we inquire directly about the satisfaction and inconvenience of the operation through e-mail and telephone, and do our best to follow-up management.

Distinguished dermatologic clinic which won the Minister’s Prize 6 times for spreading Korean medical technology abroad.

Ana Dermatologic Clinic won the Minister of Health and Welfare Prize four times in 2007, 2011, 2013 and 2015 for providing wider publicity of Korea's advanced medical technology to the world. And in 2008, the Minister's Prize from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism was awarded. It also received the Prime Minister's Prize in 2010 and still remains the only dermatologic clinic in Korea to receive the Minister's Prize six times.


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