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Gangnam Severance Hospital delivers hope to patients in Kazakhstan
2019-04-22 18:00

Gangnam Severance Hospital delivers
hope to patients in Kazakhstan

Supports free of charge spinal surgery with Sebang Group

Gangnam Severance Hospital invited Ms. Peretyatkina Tatyana (Перетятькина Татьяна) from the small rural town in the eastern Kazakhstan to practice the spirit of the hospital and successfully completed sharing care.

Professor Kim, Hakseon of the spine orthopedic department of Gangnam Severance Hospital met Tatyana in March for medical service in eastern Kazakhstan near Almaty. At the time, Tatyana was in a status of fracture of the vertebrae (lumbar vertebrae) since she has had a fall from the veranda on the second floor of her apartment. It was an emergency and she would be disabled without immediate surgery. However, for more than one month, she was waiting for government’s fund to get her surgery done because she could not afford it at her own charge.

Tatyana, while enduring the hardship, could hear from the hospital where she had her name on the waiting list. When Professor Kim, Hakseon checked her status, she already showed hunched back and the contour of her back was curving more and more. Professor Kim decided that she was in need of having her surgery in Korea and tried to find a way to support her with the social work team of Gangnam Severance Hospital. After reviewing several ways, Prof. Kim could invite Tatyana to Korea in consultation with Sebang Group, which has been conducting social contribution activities with Gangnam Severance Hospital since 2013.

Tatyana visited Korea on June 2 with her mother and underwent her first operation on June 4, and the second on June 11. Through the two surgeries, Tatyana was able to walk with her back straight and recovered quickly. She was discharged on June 28. "We know that it can be hard for Tatyana to get good treatments at home, so that we have firmly stabilized her backbone in place." said Prof. Kim.

On June 26, Gangnam Severance Hospital held a farewell party to celebrate Tatyana's recovery and discharge. At the party, Tatyana said, "I was afraid that I had to live as a disabled person for the rest of my life, but I think it is a greatest luck and miracle in my life to have a good doctor and to receive great treatment at the Gangnam Severance Hospital." Her mother, Tito Baira (Титова Ирина), added she was glad that her daughter could have her surgery in Korea, which has a high level of medical care. Also, she appreciated to the medical staff who helped to restore her health as well as to the group who supported with the surgery.

Kim, Hyung-jung, the director of Gangnam Severance Hospital, said, "She has been through the pain and has endured hard times, and I congratulate her now that she can live in a happy and healthy life through this operation." then said, "Gangnam Severance Hospital will continue to spread the spirit of sharing and for that, I, myself, will make more moves to where huge need are waiting for."

Gangnam Severance Hospital has provided surgeries to two serious patients in the East Kazakhstan region besides Tatyana. In addition, they regularly dispatch a short-term medical service team to provide medical services to patients in the underprivileged area, and are also taking the lead in educating local medical professionals about advanced medical technology of Korea.

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