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A three-year long medical service trip to Thai Nguyen, Vietnam
2019-01-24 14:43

A three-year long medical service trip to

Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

Samsung Medical Center visited Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam from October 28th to November 3rd, 2018 and conducted local medical service.

A medical team consisting of 23 medical volunteers treated 978 residents at A Hospital in Thai Nguyen for 6 days and 7 nights. Of these patients, 29 patients in need of surgery underwent surgery for microtia, polydactyly, cleft lip and wounds, and reconstruction.

The microtia operation was recorded for the first time in operation at A Hospital in Thai Nguyen.

Oh, KapSung Plastic Surgery Professor gave a seminar on "Microtia reconstruction" to local medical staff and Professor Pyon, JaiKyong's plastic surgery professor gave a seminar about "Biofilm".

Yoon, Hee Professor of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Park, SooHyun Clinical Trainer and Jeong, Gabyong (Department of Emergency Medicine) have performed 'Emergency Diagnosis Ultrasound Education' and received high response from local medical staff.

In the local press showed interest in Samsung Medical Center's activities every day. Meanwhile, Vietnam's medical service project, which started in 2016 with the cooperation of Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen, signed MOUs with the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thai Nguyen's A Hospital and Samsung Medical Center, ended the third year of the project.

Over the past three years, Samsung Seoul Hospital has received high level of interest and response from Vietnamese residents through free medical treatment and medical staff's education to improve medical care.

Over the three years, about 3,000 Thai Nguyen residents were treated free of charge, and a total of 67 people, through plastic surgery for cleft lip and palate, microtia, syndactyly and polydactyly, burns, and wound reconstruction, have been given a new life.

In addition, the medical staff of the Samsung Seoul Hospital have been conducting seminars and medical staff training to strengthen the medical capacity of the local medical staff. In this year, two medical doctors of the Thai Nguyen's A hospital in Vietnam were invited to the Samsung Seoul Hospital for the seminars.

  • For the three years, A Hospital in Thai Nguyen has been sending thank-you letters about the Samsung Medical Center's medical volunteer works.

  • Professor Oh, Kang Sung, who has been leading the medical service in Vietnam for the past three years, said, "I hope that everyone who has been treated and operated through volunteer activities will be able to live a more confident and meaningful life."