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MisoU Plastic Surgery
2018-12-05 13:56

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MisoU Plastic Surgery

Since its opening in 2003, MisoU Plastic Surgery (Director: Dr. Gil-Hwan Jo) has developed a social contribution program called "Smile with U" and for 15 years he has been helping people with low-income families, multicultural families by performing surgery for free of charge. Smile with U, a project created to give back to society, is a program that helps people in low income and vulnerable groups who are not properly treated to receive a healthy life and to give hope of new life.

You can apply on the homepage of MisoU Plastic Surgery. Also, In cooperation with the International NGO Organization's campaign "Operation Smile", we have been providing the world's largest free of charge surgery of cleft lip and facial deformity and supporting poor overseas poor children with the cleft lip and palate surgery expenses since 2015. Along with "Beautiful Mind" of the Milal Welfare Foundation and the "Windmill of Hope" program of the Korean Red Cross, we are conducting sharing-care for foreign workers and children of multicultural families with the Gangnam Welfare Foundation, Hwaseong Foreigners' Welfare Center, and WeStart. Since the beginning of this year, we have begun a free speech lecture program for children born with cleft lip and palate in addition to surgery support.

Mohammed Baseerath’S Thank You Letter to MisoU Plastic Surgery.

Mohamed, an Indian resident in Australia, mistakenly injected lentil into his nostrils when he was a child and wanted to have nasal reconstruction surgery after all his nasal cartilage had collapsed. Mohammed’s case was not severe or urgent.

We encouraged him to make careful decision for the right surgery method.

Moreover, he was coming over all the way from Austraila to improve his concern of his lifetime, so that we could not put vain expectations on the patient. Mohamed, contacted us by emails since January 20, 2017. He considered to have this surgery for a long time and was distressed.

Finally, he decided to undergo the operation on September 25. Mohammed sent his wife and children on vacation to India and came to South Korea alone. He didn’t want his wife to worry his suregry so he only talked to his best friends about the surgery.

On the day of surgery, his surgery was not a easy case because his blood vessel wasn't clearly visible to do the suregry. , I remember it was giving us a hard time during the suregry. Mohammed, was a Muslim. So we prepared semi-cooked broth made from vegetable and Halal meat with rice.

On the day of his departure, Mohammed went shopping for a present for his wife. There was a slight problem until the end of departure.

I do not remember which airline it was, but the airline staff he told if Mohammed has any small surgical incision line, he has to wait 14 days after the surgery before he is allowed to go aboard. We tried to fix this issues and he finally was allowed to be board.

After he went back home, he sent us pictures once a month and we check his condition regularly through the pictures. Mohamed sent a thank-you note through the Gangnam Medical Tour Center, saying he was very happy with the outcome.