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Dental Clinic Implanpia
2018-09-06 17:12

Dental Clinic Implanpia – CEO Dr. Insoo Kim

CEO Dr. Insoo Kim of Dental Clinic Implanpia located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, along with his fellow dentists at YOLLIN DENTAL SOCIETY, is doing free medical care service on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Founded in 1999, YOLLIN DENTAL SOCIETY is a dental medical service organization that has been a strong hedge for 18 years since the practice of warm love for foreign workers in vulnerable classes. The free medical clinic is open to various regions and many underprivileged people including Hanawon, the Homelesskr Support Center, the House of the Chinese compatriots, the Vision Training Center, the Southwest Global Center, and the overseas medical treatment in Indonesia is operated by the volunteers who practice love and service.

In addition, Dr. Kim continues to serve the residents in the medical blind spots of Samsung-dong area. This is one of the management policies of the Dental Clinic Implanpia, which aims to be a dentist serving the poor and the weak. Since 2003, Dental Clinic Implanpia's CEO Dr. Insoo Kim has participated in YOLLIN DENTAL SOCIETY and is participating in medical service for the underprivileged. “I have been actively engaged in activities for a long time, but I am sorry that I cannot participate more.” Dr. Kim has shown his will to spend more time in the future, sharing more trust and love with his neighbors.