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Yeson Voice Center
2018-06-26 20:23

Kyrylo’s story with full of hope

Kyrylo is a brave boy who lives in a small city called Zaporozhye in Ukraine, where the war broke out in 2015. His father worked in a company, but it had to be closed due to the war and was operated only temporarily. So the father had to keep job-hunting every two months for a living. While Kyrylo’s mother could not work since she had to stay with her son who is sick The cost for treatments or medications was too much, so the family had to sell all the metals in the house to get their son into an elementary school. Furthermore, the family had so many debts and could not afford to keep continuing medical treatments for the son. One day, Kyrylo’s mother gave us a call to ask for help for supporting her son’s treatments. We put him on the candidates list for our Medical Sharing Program and before long, she was very pleased to know that the boy was selected for the program. She gave us confirmation calls several times to appreciate.

We were quite surprised when we met Kyrylo at the airport. Coming all the way to Korea took 3 hours by car, 8 hours by train, and then he had to take a flight again. It must have been a long way for Kyrylo. But the boy took pictures and told us funny stories while keeping smiles. As soon as the boy arrives at the hospital, we proceeded with a voice check (acoustic analysis, sound range test, electronic laryngoscopy, laryngostroboscopy, high speed vocal cord test, etc.), preoperative examination (blood test, electrocardiogram, etc.), and consultation related to his surgery.

Through the laryngeal microsurgery, we removed all the tumors of Pediatric laryngeal papillomas as well as the surgical scar tissues. After finishing all the procedures, Kyrylo went to the Lotte World and enjoyed a lot. Due to the breathing difficulty he had been having all the while, Kyrylo could not go out freely before but this time, even though he could not go on the rides, he enjoyed the performances to the fullest and had a good time at Lotte World. After his departure, we have been regularly checking the larynx and the vocal cords with follow-ups which are performed in his country and he shows much better condition now.

<Letter from Kyrylo’s mother>

“Now Kyrylo can speak without any problems and it is possible for him to listen to carefully in classes as well as to answer the questions that are being asked. I am very happy to see him live as other normal children.”