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Charity Works by Hospitals

Kwangdong Hospital of Korean Traditional Medicine
2018-04-11 18:28

Kwangdong Hospital’s Nanum Team Receives Certificate of Appreciation from Suseo Social Welfare Center

Nanum Team, or the Sharing Team, which is in charge of social contribution at Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine, received a certificate of appreciation from Suseo Social Welfare Center on the 10th of January. Nanum Team has visited Suseo Social Welfare Center twice last year for medical services. As acknowledgement for the great contribution to the promotion of community welfare, the welfare center has awarded Nanum Team the certificate of appreciation.

▲ Certificate of Appreciation Awarded at Suseo Social Welfare Center

In addition, Kwangdong Hospital made a donation to Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer (KACLC) this year, followed by last year, and also delivered donations for new school uniforms for low-income students entering Bongeun Middle School. This includes all donations from the 2017’s charity bazaar and auction event held last year at Kwangdong Hospital.

Kwangdong Hospital will practice love through our continuing social service and social return with the belief, 'charity and service'. Through our various social contribution activities, we will open ourselves to the alienated neighbors who need us, and we will happily seize our opportunity to serve.

Gangnam Family Hotel

Scale: 33 square meters
Facilities: Koran in prayer room, directional signs, carpet, bathroom
Nationality: male prayer room for Muslims
Hours of operation: 5 prayer times (no restrictions)