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Charity Works by Hospitals

Gangnam St. Peter’s Hospital
2017-12-19 16:15

Gangnam St. Peter’s Hospital donated coal briquettes of love to people in need

On the 12th, Sunday, Gangnam St. Peter’s Hospital held a donation ceremony after they visited people in need in Sokcho, Goseong, and Yangyang region and delivered 6,000 coal briquettes of love to them.

Dr. Gangjoon Yoon of Gangnam St. Peter’s Hospital has said “We will continuously hold the coal briquettes of love event and try to help the people with financial difficulties”. “From here and on, we will be taking the initiative and leading the fashion of the social contribution to the local community’s development and the groups in need.”

Since 2014, Gangnam St. Peter’s Hospital has donated vehicle cargos for coal briquettes to the Sokcho Briquette Bank, deposited support funds to Sokcho Veterans Hall, and practiced a continuous sharing as voluntary service with their executives and staff members. Moreover, since their opening of the hospital, they have enforced the free of charge examinations and actively worked as family doctors for the patients of medically blinded spots by education.

On the other hand, established as a neurosurgery hospital in 1992, Gangnam St. Peter’s Hospital has been officially approved as a hospital for artificial discs and now apart from the neurosurgery department, they also have orthopedics, obstetrics, department of thyroid surgery, rehabilitation medical treatment, department of internal medicine, radiology, and anesthesia ready with their specialists of each detail fields and the cooperated clinical system. As a result, they are making the complete recovery of incurable diseases come true.