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Wooridul Hospital
2017-10-26 19:59

Wooridul Hospital Care Share 2017

Name: Lam Thi Hue / Date of Birth: 030614-8 / Nationality: Vietnamese / Period of Time: 06/28/2017 ~ 07/14/2017

We have been introduced to Lam Thi Hue by Viet Duc Hospital, the local hospital and Wooridul Hospital’s partner. While with the spinal deformity, Lam Thi Hue was troubled with lying flat and was in intense pain, the family circumstances only allowed a monthly income of approximately 100 dollars and getting treatment was hardly thinkable. Scoliosis is a serious disease that does not only bring about problems in appearance but it can also translocate or press organs, and lead to dysfunction. The sad situation has made us Wooridul Hospital to support the sufferer.

We checked the medical record and X-ray result for planning and saw that a surgery would be needed from the 4th Thoracic Vertebra to the 1st lumbar vertebra. The surgery was to be a tough one for a 14 year old girl but with positive heart, we welcome her and her family.

In the early morning on the 28th of June, we came to meet Lam Thi Hue and her mother in a very tired and nervous look. We could understand that all the way from a small town in Vietnam to a whole another country, South Korea, with the hope to be treated, the mother and daughter must have been through numberless tensed moments. From their hands firmly held together, we could feel their fear and also their desperate courage. We made up our mind to do our very best.

Arriving to the hospital, Lam Thi Hue went through a couple of examinations for diagnosis and we came up with the final surgical operation plan and then the preparations. The examination for the surgery preparations was nice and quick. We were worried that both the patient and parent would be tired since all steps were proceeded in the date of entry day due to the visa issues, but they looked relaxed during the doctor’s explanation and the examinations. They looked as if they realized about the treatment.

Before the surgery, we, by the curative procedure of Wooridul Hospital, reconfirmed the plan to find the best treatment and to maximize the rate of success, based on the knowledge and experience of our neurosurgeons, orthopedists, physicians, specialists in rehabilitation, radiologists, and doctors in general surgery.

Lam Thi Hue headed to the operating room at 8.30 in the morning. She endured the tough 5 hour long surgery and from the next day, she started walking and showed fast recovery. The pain from the surgical site and the influenza must have been hard but Lam Thi Hue was bright enough to comfort her worrying mother and carried on with her brave life of hospitalization. However, the Korean and European meals could not replace the local Vietnamese meals and so we provided the Vietnamese meals from outside the hospital to be a help in her fast recovery.

Lam Thi Hue could enjoy our surprise present of visiting Coex and the S.M. Town. And in the dashing figure posing like celebrities to take photos, and in the straight and upright position in the aquarium, she did not look different from any other teenager girls.

On the discharge date, giving a hug to the doctor and saying “Gam-sa-ham-ni-da!” repeatedly, Lam Thi Hue expressed with her whole body, her feelings about the kindness she experienced in Korea, and said that she would really love to come back to Korea. Wooridul Hospital wish and pray for the forthcoming happy life and dreams of Lam Thi Hue.