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BK Plastic Surgery Clinic
2017-06-21 11:55

BK scholarship foundation presents
dream to children

Director Byeong-Geon Kim of BK Plastic Surgery Clinic

On the 16th of November in 2016, Director Byeong-Geon Kim of BK Plastic Surgery Clinic has been invited to the scholarship award ceremony for Korean students studying in Singapore, held at the hall of the Korean Association of Singapore. Director Kim has founded BK Esthetic Clinic, the first overseas branch of BK Plastic Surgery Clinic, in Singapore, and currently lives a devoted life in a busy schedule of medical treatment in Korea, Singapore and China.

In this scholarship award ceremony held by the Korean Association of Singapore, students recommended by the principals and presidents of the schools for their excellent grades have been awarded. The following students have won the scholarship: Hye-Yeong Kim from Raffles Institution, Hyo-Seo Tak from National University of Singapore High School, Yeong-Joo Woo, Yeong-Eun Yoo and Ye-Bin Han from Korea International School, Yoo-Rim Kim from Nanyang Girl's High School, Yeon-Woo Lee from National University of Singapore, Do-Yung Yoon from National University of Singapore Yale College, Soo-Bin Park from National Technology University, Ye-Seul Jeong from Singapore Management University.

Director Byeong-Geon Kim of BK Plastic Surgery, who is also one of the representatives of the Korean Association of Singapore, has stated in his speech, “The BK Scholarship Foundation has provided scholarships to students in Korea for the past 10 years, but this is the first time to support Korean students in Singapore. When Korean students become brilliant people who have a good influence around them, that's what makes the Republic of Korea shine, and I sincerely hope you to be a great person who can acknowledge yourself."

After the scholarship award ceremony, the participants had time to interact with the students and representatives of the Korean Association of Singapore. The BK Scholarship Foundation and the Korean Association of Singapore are planning to select scholarship students not only for Korean students but also for Singapore students who are interested in Korean culture in 2017. They have pledged to continue working to expand the scale and scope of our scholarship programs to help many students, as the Korean community in Singapore has grown. Last February, sponsored by BK Scholarship Foundation of BK Plastic Surgery and organized by Sports Doctors, 12 students in the fields of culture, sports, and arts who showed interest and active participation in volunteer activities have been selected for scholarship awards and the ceremony. These students will support cultural, physical education, arts, volunteer activities, talent donations, concerts, exhibitions, and marathons held by Sports Doctors.

Profits from BK Plastic Surgery are returned to society through the scholarship system. Since there were people who worked with BK Plastic Surgery, the scholarship foundation was established. Therefore, it is our principle to select the scholarship students based on everyone’s opinion. BK Plastic Surgery Clinic will continue to support more and more students in days to come.