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Porcelain-like skin, pore care: "4 tips to reduce enlarged pores“
2019-08-28 09:56

Porcelain-like skin, pore care:"4 tips to reduce enlarged pores"

There are times when pores become wider due to dense fine dust and warm weather. Unlike blemishes, pores cannot be concealed with makeup, and as the qualityof cameras andhigh-resolution of photos improve, more and more people are able to observe in more detailtheir skin condition. That is the reason why more people are taking care of their pores. This article introduces the methods and causes of pores and how to clean them.

Although pore enlargement is something no one would want it, the pores widen for a variety of reasons. The first cause of enlarged pores is an increase in thsebum volume. Sebum and wastes come into contact with air, oxidize, and harden, making pores larger. Therefore, pores may be particularly noticeable in oily skin.

There are many pore-related cosmetics such as pore strips and peeling soaps on the market, but since pores are not doors that can be conveniently opened and closed, it is difficult to improve the pores that are already widened even with such cosmetics.

On the contrary, if you focus on removing waste and scrub or home peeling, the stratum corneum becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. Therefore,theeveryday prevention is the only safeguard against wide pores.

The second cause of wide pores is caused by aging. In particular, it goes along with the sagging skin that appears on the outside of the nasolabial fold, which differs from sebaceous pores which are pores in elliptical shapediagonally stretched by gravity.

From the above mentioned reasons, what can you do to manage the enlarged pores and prevent them from getting wider?

4 know-hows to reduce pores

First, deep cleansing is necessary.Deep cleansing keeps your pores clean and your sebum easily drains away, so they don't accumulate in your pores, hence,preventing them from expanding. Even ifyou’renot wearing makeup, but have used sun block, perform a double cleanse with a cleansing lotion. At this stage, gently wipe your skin with warm water.

Second, is it important to choose a goodfoam cleanser.It's a good idea to choose a mild, clean, liquid-type cleanser that contains a mildly acidic (PH 5-6) moisturizing ingredient. The characteristics of these foam cleansers are not foamy and do notleave a rough feeling on your skinafter washing.

This could come to your mind, 'Could deep cleansing be the good choice?' But alkaline cleansers with good cleansing and foaming will remove not only waste and sebum but also the natural protective film of skin. It can make your pores worse.

When cleaning your pores do so gently with no force and wash your face. Before washing your face, wash your hands first and make a foam on the palm of your handthen place it on the areas with more noticeable pores such as the nose and then gently wash your face.

Third, cold water cleansing helps taking care of pores. When the skin temperature increases, the breakdown of the skin collagen increases, causing elasticity decrease and the pores of both cheeks increase. In addition, the loss of moisture in the skin epidermis becomes weak drying the skin barrier.

This dryness can increase the amount of immediate sebum secretion and expand the pores of the T zone. In this respect, washing with cold water lowers the skin temperature which is good forthe pores.

Fourth, use scrubs carefully. The most commonly known as pore-cleaning cosmetics, "scrub" means cleansing of impurities, which means cleansing particles with gritty granules that can exfoliate the skin.

These scrubs are preferred because they feel instant smoothness after use and the pores look like they're cleaned, but if the scrub grains are too large, they can scratch and hurt your skin.

Because pores open up into a funnel shape toward the skin surface, improving surface irregularities is the ultimate treatment. At this time, the effective improvement method is laser treatment, and depending on the actual state of the pores, it is possible to consider the help of pore treatments that can be performed at hospitals.

In fact, even if you treat pores in a dermatologist, it's very hard to get rid of pores and make them look like porcelain. Pore dilatation is often associated with excessive cosmetic use (good make-up), tiredness, swelling, and frequent weight changes. It is also related to a sudden change in facial volume, therefore, it is advisable to have a change inyour lifestyle in order to avoid your pores getting worse.

Source: Official Website of CU Clean Up (Dermatology Hospital)